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Ursopro contains just one ingredient – ursolic acid. The ingredient is supposed to boost weight loss, stop muscle breakdown and reduce estrogen impact on muscle growth. We were able to find a clinical study supporting increased skeletal muscle and decreased white fat, but just because there is a study doesn’t mean this supplement lives up to the claims.

CTD Labs lists Ursopro on the official website along with pages of other fat burners, bodybuilding supplements and products the average dieter will never need to take. According to the product description, the supplement works best with stacked with other CTD Labs products – just another means of making more money.

List of Ingredients


  • Ursolic Acid

Product Features

CTD Labs lists benefits associated with ursolic acid and thus, Ursopro, but there are no links to clinical studies proving the stated claims. We went on the hunt for clinical evidence and found a plethora of studies – on mice. Mice studies have shown increased skeletal muscle, increased brown (thermogenic) fat stores and decreased white fat stores, but none of these studies have been recreated and verified in humans. We were able to find animal studies that contradicted the positive outcomes, however.

Ursopro contains just one ingredient, so CTD Labs is pinning all the claims on ursolic acid. Without relevant clinical data, the dieter might as well skip spending nearly $40 on the supplement.

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  • The ingredients in Ursopro are listed on the official CTD Labs website.
  • Ursolic acid has been the subject of multiple clinical trials and studies.
  • Animals lose white fat, increased brown fat and increased skeletal muscle while taking ursolic acid.


  • Contradictory animal studies are available.
  • We were unable to find clinical studies on the weight loss effects of ursolic acid in humans.
  • Many studies we found included very few participants.


Ursopro, like many supplements on the market, utilizes one ingredient with a few positive results in mouse studies to convince dieters to buy a product. The company does not list any clinical studies supporting claims because there are no clinical studies on humans. Using statements like Dramatic Change are an attempt by the company to fool the consumer into believing this supplement will work.

Another issue dieters need to take into consideration is supplement overlap. We looked through the products listed for sale by CTD Labs and found multiple weight loss or thermogenic supplements. If Ursopro works and you will lose weight and dramatically change your body while taking it why would the company need multiple products?

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