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Usana has recently introduced a completely new product which they call the USANA Reset Kit. This is a program that is claimed to offer the best possible chance to completely reset your life. The Reset Kit is not designed specifically to cleanse the bowels, but rather cleanse from the typical All-American fast food diet. The kit contains their Macro-Optimizer snack and which hold a combination of good, low-glycemic carbohydrates, first-class proteins, and fine fats. These replacements give the body all of the nutrients it needs. It is claimed that by using the Reset Kit the body will get a change from its usual diet and any glycemic stress and carbohydrate addiction will be minimized with a significant improvement in insulin sensitivity. This, it is claimed, will allow the body to revert to its natural metabolic rate and maybe to even start shedding fat initially. The Reset Kit starts with your consuming the Health Pak twice a day with the provided nutritional drinks. If you aren’t engaged in any recurrent exercise program, you are encouraged to start as soon as you can, but to begin slowly. There is a DVD included in the Reset Kit that demonstrates an excellent program of exercises that you can start on straight away. The Reset program is planned for 5 days and includes three meal replacement shakes and two snack bars for each day. You should plan to have one serving of fruit and one serving of vegetables each day. All of the provided products in the Kit are low glycemic-index, since diets that are rich in high glycemic-index foods tend to make the body cling on to its fat


The Kit contains 15 Nutrimeal – Chocolate, French Vanilla, and Wild Strawberry drink mixes, 5 Peanut Butter Crunch Nutrition Bars, 5 Oatmeal Raisin Nutrition Bars, 5 AM/PM HealthPak 100 packets, A Program guide, a motivational fridge magnet and a DVD with world-class athletes Jennifer Azzi and Derek Parra

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With the 5-Day Reset program you eat your usual meals, and snacks are replaced with USANA’s Macro-Optimizer bars and shakes. In addition you get to have an additional snack in the form of fruit or vegetables. You have to drink 3

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    Where is the usana reset found in Columbus, Ohio ?


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    Zlatina Hristov

    Where I can find a list of low-glycemic snacks and meals