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USANA Health Sciences, Inc. is a multilevel manufacturing and marketing company that makes a number of skin-care and nutritional products. The majority of these products is made in the United States and is marketed in thirteen countries. USANA has supported and provided products to a number of athletic organizations. The company was founded by a microbiologist and immunologist Myron Wentz and is located in West Valley City, Utah. The company’s marketing is carried out on a multilevel basis, with sales persons recruiting others, and they in turn others. In 2007 an executive of the Fraud Discovery Institute accused USANA of operating an illegal pyramid scheme, but after an investigation the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission recommended that no action be taken against them. In the same year it was discovered that several of its executives had made fictitious statements in their resumes.

There are four main brands of USANA products. USANA Nutritionals, which consist of nutritional essentials and nutritional optimizer supplements, USANA Macro-Optimizer foods, which consist of nutritional bars and drink mixers, Sens

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  • 1

    this product is good fo dialisis patient


  • 2
    David Osborne

    it was discovered that several of its executives had made fictitious statements in their resumes.

    The Above line should tell you all you need to know…….My thoughts to you…DON’T EMPOWER FRAUD.


  • 3
    teofila capirig

    inquiring only, when will be the opening of USANA Factory outlet here in Davao City? if so, where is the location?


  • 4
    Bob Ingram

    It would be good to note the campaign against USANA was started by a person who was attempting to manipulate stock prices. He was eventually convicted and USANA was cleared.


  • 5
    donald falkowski

    what supplement would you recommend meniere,s syndrome thanks don


  • 6
    junie kirby

    What does USANA stand for; United States A…. N… A…?


    James Bagley

    Usana is a greek word for
    ” True Health “


  • 7
    suwan Wongkanha

    when usana will process our business in Thailand?


    jeff chong


    Usana will process business in Thailand on 2012.


    Delia amaroto

    Usana is the best vitamin in the world