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USN Diet System is a dieting program that has been developed by Ultimate Sports Nutrition, a South African company. The company has developed a variety of nutritional supplements that are sourced on scientific research in order to assist people to achieve the peak of fitness and simultaneously benefit from a healthy lifestyle. Some of the world’s leading celebrities and sports stars have endorsed their products. The sports stars have included members of the team that won the Rugby World Cup and several stage winners of the Tour de France. The company works closely with top athletes to guarantee that they are taking in the best possible nutrition supplements corresponding to their training and event programs. The brand is available to all active people that can benefit from their products, which are designed for weight loss, endurance, muscle gain and wellness.

USN provides funds, ideas and details of their products, which are intended to assist anyone interested in living a healthy and fit lifestyle. They have published detailed articles, training programs, diet strategies and, of course, the products themselves – anything to help improve a person’s health and fitness levels. There are examples of the sports people who have endorsed their products on their website.


Make up of the Diet plans includes Phedra Cut XT, Pure Protein IGF1, CLA capsules, Diet Fuel together with a well laid out written plan.

Product Features

Mass Gain Eating Plan – this is a suggested “Mass Gain Diet and Supplement” plan. There are several supplements suggested in the plan, but it is up to the individual as to how many of these supplements are used based on a person’s budget. Weight Loss Eating Plans for Men and for Women – In order to achieve a toned body that’s the envy of everyone, with the aid of a little fundamental nutritional understanding you could get to your goals much quicker than you ever thought possible. Achieving the correct balance of food and exercise and being dedicated at the same time may seem a tough job, but getting started is the first hurdle.

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  • The fact that these products are endorsed by well-known athletes and other celebrities speaks for itself.


  • The fact that the company is based in South Africa may be seen as a disadvantage to prospective clients from the USA
  • Promotes life style change that may be difficult for some to follow.


The USN Diet System is a combination of supplements and life style change. This plan may be difficult o follow if you do not already work out or if you cannot commit to the exercise portion of the plan. This is not a lose weight quick plan, but rather a toning and muscle building program.

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    Troy Gower

    Hey there I have been on the usn lifestyle challenge for a month now and lost a total of 8 kgs and a lot of cms I want to know if taking creatine and hmb with the diet is detrimental or will it help with muscle gain other supplements I am taking are phedra cut xt,cla,diet fuel,phedra cut stimulant free [at night],whey protien and fast grow amino stack am I taking to much ??? Please could some one assist…