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Editor's Review: 2.7 / 5.0

What You Should Know

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The information that we have been able to glean from the USP Labs has been gathered from web pages that have been translated from Spanish to English by someone with little command of the English language, possible an Internet translator program. In any event, what we have been able to put together should be taken with a little tongue in cheek. The company is described as being a top Argentinean company dedicated with responsibility to the research, production, marketing and distribution of products for elite bodybuilders and athletes from all over the world. They go to great lengths to describe their individual products, which seem to be a wide collection of steroids and antiestrogens in both oral and injectible form, but, in spite of having a tab marked “distributors”, they list none of them. For a company that boasts of having a “proven reputation” their website leaves much to be desired. The company claims to be “demanding in the production process” and that “each of the phases of the production process is subjected to strict analysis by quality control from the raw material to the final product”, have a well designed website and yet have been careless and slapdash in the description of their manufacturing process and the portrayal of their final products.


The actual ingredients used in the manufacturing process are unknown. However each product appears to be a single manufactured organic compound and a description of the individual products can be found on the website.

Product Features

Steroids and anti-estrogens that come in well designed packaging and feature a unique hologram and serial number.

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  • For someone who wishes to add muscle weight rapidly these products could be excellent, but see disadvantages below.
  • USP Labs claim that their products have a company hologram which it shows the authenticity of the product you have acquired
  • Genuine USP Labs products each have a unique serial number that can be checked on the website


  • There is no list of distributors on the website
  • It is not possible to purchase direct from the company.
  • Much of the English on this website is badly translated and it would be very easy to become misinformed about the dosage and correct use of their products.
  • The company claims that there are bogus “forged” products on the market disguised as theirs, and which are certainly not as pure as the original, and that distributors and/or product serial numbers should be checked on the website before use.


If the company were to take a little more trouble over the presentation of their products and distributors it would be a little more authentic. Although we cannot describe these products as being sham, we would urge anyone thinking of using them to do so unless after careful research.

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