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The V8 Diet is not really a full fledged diet like many others out there, but instead is a simple eating plan fundamentally based on following the American Dietary Association’s guideline of getting two to two and a half cups of vegetables or three to five servings in your diet every day. Nearly seven out of ten American adults do not reach this daily recommendation, and as such are experience health issues, including weight gain. Read on to find out how you can make V8 a part of your healthy diet and exercise routine to help you reach your weight loss goals.

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The V8 Diet involves using V8 brand vegetable and fruit juices to help you get your daily fruit and vegetable servings in your diet. Though eating the whole food is a preferable option for better nutrient absorption, drinking the servings is better than not having them at all. According to the official V8 website, just one 12 ounce bottle of V8 contains three of your five daily servings of vegetables in just 70 calories, with no fat and three grams of fiber. For those who do not like the taste of original V8, there are fruit based varieties, which also include vegetables. For those who are watching their sugar intake, there are light versions, which are just watered down (less concentrated) versions of the original. For those who are watching their sodium intake, there are low sodium versions of the product available. All versions are 100% juice, and there is no added sugar. The V8 website also features a downloadable 8 day meal plan to help you include more vegetables in your diet.

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  • The V8 Diet is based on eating more fruits and vegetables.
  • The V8 Diet is free.


  • The V8 Diet is not a real diet plan, but more of a way to pitch the juice product.
  • Drimking too much fruit juice can lead to weight gain, because natural sugar is still sugar.
  • Drinking juice is less nutritious than eating the whole fruit or vegetable.
  • There is no mention of an exercise plan to follow, though exercise is promoted.


The V8 Diet is basically common nutrition sense based on the food pyramid, and serves as an approach to pitch the product to customers. It is nothing that you don’t already know in terms of eating more fruit and vegetables and getting plenty of exercise, and does not really provide anything to help you other than the advice to drink your vegetables if you can’t eat them. Adding more vegetables in your diet in place of junk food will certainly promote weight loss, but for real results, you will need to exercise, and you may want to consider a clinically proven weight loss supplement.

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