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Nearly every popular weight loss product includes one or more stimulants to increase heart rate and boost fat burn. More stimulants mean more stimulation and more fat burn – or that is the theory of some hardcore supplement manufacturers. When a company wants to pack in more stimulants, they have to add an ingredient that calms the body thus counteracting the boost on a mental level. One common ingredient added to weight loss products for just that reason is valerian root. Valerian root is most often used to induce sleep, but when the body is pumped full of caffeine and caffeine-like ingredients -there is no sleep in the near future.

List of Ingredients

Flowering perennial plant used as an herbal sleep aid.

Product Features

When someone needs help falling asleep and they want a natural treatment they often turn to valerian root and melatonin. Both substances require extended use to build up enough in the body to have any effect. The first use may provide some ease for insomnia symptoms, but nothing like the effect a user will feel after a few weeks of continued use.

If valerian root is added to a weight loss product, it may help the dieter feel calmer at first, but the effect will grow over time and could counteract the effect of stimulants. Many dieters complain of the “buzz” wearing off after a few days on a stimulant-based weight loss supplement. If valerian root or other mood-altering ingredient is used, this could be the reason. As the body gets used to caffeine, mood stabilizers build up and the dieter ends up feeling nothing.

Valerian root will not increase weight loss or fat burn. The dieter will not lose 20 more pounds thanks to the addition of this mood-altering ingredient. They may, however, feel a bit calmer so the manufacturer can add a few more stimulants into the mix making the supplement look and feel more powerful. Valerian root sells for $4 to $15.

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  • Calms the effect of stimulants.
  • Valerian root is inexpensive.


  • Will not increase weight loss.
  • Could have a counteracting effect on stimulation.
  • Valerian root effects get stronger over time.
  • Could cause a dieter to feel a supplement is not working so they take more.


We support using healthy, natural alternatives when they are a safer choice. Aside from masking the effect of stimulants, there is no reason to take valerian root as part of a weight loss supplement. The ingredient could actually work against the dieter by reducing energy and the effect of an otherwise effective supplement. We like to stick with proven ingredients and supplements that do not fluff the label with unneeded ingredients.

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    Any stomach problems after taking this?


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    Richard Tamasy

    I am a 54 year old male, who is participating in a research medicationstudy that requires me to take a daily drug called Liraglutide (conducted by Norvask)for weight loss. Is Valerian Root safe for me to take at night? I have been taking Ambien for about 5 years now, and would like to get off of it. Also my Mother who is 77 takes medications for her heart, blood pressure, and plavix. Is Valerian Root safe for her


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    will Valerian Root help someone who is coming off Methadone?


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    can i take valerian root while taking anxiety medicine


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    I take a antidepressant will Valerian root also help to raise my mood?is there any chance of it raising my tension