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Vanderbilt Body Lotion, by Gloria Vanderbilt, is a skincare formula intended for increasing the overall health of skin cells and making the skin more vibrant. It does this by acting as an antioxidant based formula intended to decrease wrinkles and fine lines, at the same time acting against the additional signs of aging. The formula is generally thought to be a blend of Oriental ingredients, and is priced reasonably. It is best to always take a look at these types of formulas to be sure they do what they are claimed to do.

Product Information

Vanderbilt Body Lotion is an Oriental blend, at least going by advertisements. Unfortunately, we could discover little beyond this, in the sense of what ingredients it actually contains. The important thing for skin care products is to know exactly what’s in them if at all possible. Even though it’s advertised as an herbal formula, it’s not necessarily going to be the best approach for antiaging.

Antioxidants, which are supposedly included, do help, but they are not the only thing that constitutes good skincare. When used in the form of creams or lotions, they really are not absorbed into the skin that well. Antioxidants are best gotten in the diet. We think that Vanderbilt Body Lotion is not likely to include proven effective skin care and antiaging ingredients because of the lack of information. Many products would state directly that they included certain ingredients.

One of the main ingredients that this product possibly lacks is Argireline. This is a proven moisturizing ingredient. Skin that’s not kept moist tends to lose its elasticity and thus wrinkles form more easily. Also, it flakes and age spots can possibly form. This is why any skin care product specializing in antiaging should look to have Argireline in its ingredients.

The Good

  • The product is made to be an Oriental formula, which could possibly have some effects in antiaging. Oriental skin care products tend to be so.
  • The website has a method of ordering products online, which makes it easy for customers to purchase.
  • Vanderbilt lotion is intended to promote the elasticity of skin, which helps in fighting wrinkles.

The Bad

  • The website has no FAQ, which makes it harder for customers to get easy answers to their questions.
  • There are no free offers for trial.
  • Some skin care companies will offer a trial sample to customers so they can see if it is worth buying a full package.
  • It’s possible that there are not many advanced ingredients used. You’ll have to read the back of the package to really get an idea of what’s in this body lotion.
  • Argireline, hyaluronic acid and collagen stimulants aren’t included apparently.

The Bottom Line

Because of these facts, we aren’t certain that the Vanderbilt Body Lotion is really a good skin care choice for people seeking antiaging remedies. It’s a simple formula that could possibly only have short term effects. It’s important to look for a product that will affect the skin positively over the long term. Many different skin care products exist to address antiaging needs, but very few of them actually are that effective at addressing the causes, and instead only work with the symptoms.

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