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Vanquish is a weight loss supplement created by San manufacturers. Matthias Boldt is the president and founder of the San company. The San team is comprised of three female fitness models as well as athletes. Vanquish manufacturers claim that they have a highly regarded team of scientists dedicated to the treatment of massively overweight individuals or those people that need to shed a few pounds and cannot accomplish this goal alone. They also state that the San company’s mission statement is to provide quality, customer satisfaction as well as innovative weight loss ideas. The manufacturers insist that they are a well-trusted company in the community and they continue to strive to create the most productive diet supplements possible.

San’s official website for Vanquish has several pieces of information for potential customers to look over. A person will be able to view detailed Vanquish product facts, directions for use and the product’s ingredient list. An individual can learn information about the company, the team and purchasing facts. The benefits from the Vanquish product can be obtained directly from the site as well.

List of Ingredients

Pyridoxine HCI, Hoodia Gordonii Extract, Griffonia Simplicifolia Seed Extract, Microcrystalline Cellulose, Gelatin, FD&C Colors, Titanium Dioxide.

Product Features

There are several features that the Vanquish manufacturers highlight about their product. They claim that a person will consume fewer calories because they are eating less due to Vanquish’s capabilities as an appetite suppressant. The San company also states that the product will raise an individual’s energy level so they will be able to exercise more frequently and maximize workouts. This item is said to have fantastic properties to help control and manage weight loss more effectively. They take pride in the ingredients that Vanquish uses to support an individual looking to lose weight and feel more productive. An individual can purchase the Vanquish product directly from the official website, other online retailers or from local stores. San also offers a list of authorized dealers that a person may buy this item from in their hometown. The price may vary, depending on where a person buys the product. An individual is looking to pay about $33 if buying direct rom the San website.

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  • The Vanquish manufacturers display an official website with information about the company as well as somewhat detailed product information.
  • A person can purchase this item directly from the website.
  • Natural ingredients like Hoodia can be found in the Vanquish weight loss supplement.


  • The price for this supplement is fairly expensive.
  • There is no mention of a return policy or a money back guarantee.
  • No free product trial is offered.
  • No clinical tests or other research and development info on Vanquish is offered by the manufacturer.
  • No before and after pictures or customer testimonials are offered.


An individual can locate some information regarding the mission of the company and their practices through the Vanquish manufacturer’s website. However, the information is limited. The company claims they have a team of researchers and scientists creating new products often. They also state that their main goals are weight loss and customer satisfaction. Nevertheless, a person may wish to view third party websites for a more detailed description of the Vanquish product. There are also no testimonials or before and after pictures offered. Before beginning a new regimen to lose weight, research may be the key in locating an effective weight loss solution.

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    I can’t find Vanquish in either of my usual places. Did you take it off the market. I am lost without it. If you want a testimony, I started taking Vanquish when a freind reccomended it for Menstral Sciatica. Ive been using ever since 1960′s HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!