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VAS Acai Diet Chews are just one of the many Acai products that one can find on the market these days, but it is extremely difficult to pin down the company that markets any of the many Acai berry products found on the Internet. Acai is certainly a very popular commodity these days, so much so that some marketers claim endorsement from such well-known people as Brad Pitt and Rachael Ray. Judging from some of the websites we visited, and because of the popularity of the Acai berry, there are clearly numerous scams on the Internet, so readers should be particularly careful about which product they go for. We have put together a few tips for you. There are numerous manufacturers that have come onto the marketplace with diluted acai products that hold fillers that give you none of the benefits that a genuine full strength acai will give you. There are also plenty of companies marketing substandard acai products that have at least 50% of other products such as multidextrin, magnesium stearate and soy compounds. There are several “free trial scams” on the Internet where the customer has to pay a shipping charge, but this is just a way of obtaining your credit card details, and the free trial customer ends up with a monthly charge of $89 or more. The reader is advised not to accept one of these “free trial” offers under any circumstances.

Look for the USDA ORGANIC label before committing yourself to purchasing any acai berry product. Products that are USDA Certified Organic are intended to guarantee consumers that the organic foods they buy are produced, processed, and certified to be consistent with national organic standards. This is extremely important because if you are purchasing an acai product of any type that is not organic, it could contain unsafe pesticides and other toxins. Acai products that are free of any preservatives or chemicals will give you the greatest benefits. However, acai foodstuffs that are not organic could do more harm than good.


Acai berries should be the main product, but beware of numerous watered down products.

Product Features

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  • The body can certainly benefit from the genuine acai organic product
  • The genuine acai berry products are powerful antioxidants


  • Numerous “free trial scams” for this and similar products
  • Real acai companies sell their products in stores


While further research is required, initial studies suggest that in overweight adults who are otherwise healthy, a daily dose of unadulterated organic sugar-free acai can help to reduce cholesterol levels. However, there is no real evidence for the VAS Acai Diet Chews. Since there are so many scams out there, be sure to research this product thoroughly before using.

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