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VasoActive Pharmaceuticals started its operations in January 2001. The company is a division of BioChemics, Inc., a biopharmaceutical corporation occupied in the research and development of topical and transdermal systems for the delivery of drug. They presently have three main products, all of which are topical lotions. The company claims that these products will help to better the lives of people who use health care products that are available over the counter on a daily basis. All of their products make use of a company-owned technological formula known as PENtoCORE® as a delivery system. This system is claimed to be able to deliver topical products with less odor than other products as well as being less greasy and having no deposit. It enables the user to benefit from the use of a topical product without having any of the side effects that are common when using pills. The company was established for the sole purpose of marketing over-the-counter pharmaceutical products that use the PENtoCORE® technology. Although this technology is owned by the company, it is not patented. In 2003 the parent company, BioChemics Inc., gave VasoActive Pharmaceuticals an exclusive and irrevocable licence which gave them the sole right to commercialize the PENtoCORE® based pharmaceutical products throughout the entire world.


All three of the VasoActive Pharmaceuticals products make use of the proprietary PENtoCORE® technology. It has not been possible to obtain the names of the actual pain killing substances or of the anti-fungal compound.

Product Features

Osteon® – is a topical lotion that affords short-term relief from minor pains that are linked to osteoarthritis. It also give relief for minor pain from strains, sprains, simple back pain, arthritis and other muscle and joint pains. AR Extreme® “Pain Relieving Lotion” is designed to give temporary relief from minor muscle and skeletal injuries that are sports-related, as well as sprains, strains, hyperextension, simple back pain and bruises. The company’s third product, TERMIN8®, has been proven clinically to cure athlete’s foot and provides relief to itchy, burning and cracked feet. The TERMIN8® squeeze bottle makes it easy to apply to hard-to-reach problem areas. All of the VasoActive’s topical products carry a 100% guarantee of satisfaction.

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  • No pills to take, just rub on the topical solution for that extra pain relief.
  • There is a 100% guarantee of satisfaction with these products


  • There are many products that provide the same results and that are more well known on the market.


The company-owned technology of PENtoCORE® that is used with VasoActive Pharmaceuticals products, gives them a distinct advantage over other companies’ products. They have fewer odors, there is less of a greasy feeling about them and no deposit left over. The company claims that these advantages give you the opportunity to integrate them into your daily life. It is important to keep in mind that there are several more well known products on the market that supply the same results.

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