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VegLife is a supplement line sold by the Nutraceutical company. The line was started in 1992 to support the needs of vegetarians and vegans who wanted to take supplements with no connection to animal products. Within the VegLife supplement line is the Peaceful Planet protein powder supplement series. There are more than 50 supplements with the VegLife name. Under the Specialty category, there are several supplements that could be used as part of a reduced calorie diet and weight loss plan. These supplements do not contain stimulants, but they may support reduced hunger and natural energy levels.

List of Ingredients

Vegan supplements by the Nutraceutical supplement company.

Product Features

When the supplement market started to take off, most of the supplement capsules were created from animal products. Nutraceutical soon noticed a need for vegetarian and vegan supplements dedicated to people living alternative lifestyles. VegLife caters to the vegetarian and vegan with all vegetable capsules and ingredients.

For the vegetarian and vegan dieters, there are few choices in the VegLife line. Turmeric Extract has recently been noted as a viable weight loss supplement. Turmeric increases thermogenesis in animal studies. If human studies support the animal study findings, dieters may find a new super ingredient.

Peaceful Nite supports healthy sleep. Sleep is needed for the dieter to recover after a long day of dieting. With proper sleep, the body can fight off free radical damage associated with increased metabolism. VegLife also offers various meal replacement and protein shakes made from vegan-friendly protein sources. These may help fight hunger between meals and help the dieter control calorie intake.

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  • All VegLife product descriptions contain a complete ingredient list.
  • Some supplements may help promote healthy weight loss.
  • Products are listed on the official website.
  • The supplement line has been around since 1992.


  • No dedicated weight loss supplements with proven fat burners.
  • None of the supplements promote healthy metabolism.
  • Prices are not listed for the VegLife supplement line.


VegLife fills a void in the supplement industry. There are vegetarians and vegans that want to use supplements for improved health, but have few options because of animal products used in traditional supplements. VegLife supplies protein, natural supplements and vitamins. Dieters, however, may not find the weight loss supplements they are looking for in the VegLife supplement line.

There are vegetarian and vegan supplements containing proven ingredients. Chromium, green tea and caffeine are available in vegan capsules and tablets. These are more appropriate for weight loss than the supplements in the VegLife line. We are thrilled with the vegan sources of protein, however. Vegan protein sources tend to be lean and healthy without added sugars.

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