VegLife Trimmed Energized Review

Editor's Review: 3.5 / 5.0

What You Should Know

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VegLife Trimmed & Energized is a fat burner from the Nutraceutical Corporation. The official website for Nutraceutical no longer lists the supplement for sale, which could mean any supplements listed on third party websites are outdated or short dated. The ingredient list is packed with stimulants leaning this supplement more into the energy category than thermogenic fat burner. Of all the stimulants, only one is proven with clinical trials to increase metabolism.

List of Ingredients

Green Tea Leaf Extract, Synephrine, Guggul, Vinpocetine, Bioperine, Cocoa Seed Extract and Yohimbe.

Product Features

With 150 mg of green tea leaf extract, VegLife Trimmed & Energized falls a bit short of the 300 to 350 mg amount tested in most clinical trials. However, if the dieter takes the supplement more than once a day, the total green tea intake rises to 300 mg, within the proven range.

Synephrine, or citrus aurantium, is a stimulant closely related to ephedra. Synephrine does not have the proven weight loss effects of ephedra, but it does cause heart rate and blood pressure to rise, especially when taken with other stimulants.

Cocoa seed extract and yohimbe are both stimulants. With the caffeine level of green tea and synephrine, these ingredients create quite the energy pill. The green tea in VegLife Trimmed & Energized is standardized to 50 mg of caffeine.

Vinpocetine is used as a stimulant and anti-inflammatory. We found no clinical trials for this supplement, but forums all over the Internet list both negative and positive reactions during workouts.

Bioperine is black pepper. This ingredient has no effect on weight loss, but it does increase absorption of other ingredients. Many weight loss supplements include Bioperine to help the body utilize more of each ingredient, which could increase the effectiveness or side effects of a supplement.

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  • The complete ingredient list is available online.
  • Includes green tea and caffeine, both proven to increase metabolism.
  • Contains the clinically proven amount of green tea.
  • Standardized for EGCG.


  • May no longer be available from the manufacturer.
  • There are multiple stimulants in one supplement.
  • Vitamin retailers could be selling outdated or short dated stock.
  • No pricing information found online.


VegLife Trimmed & Energized is a stimulant with a few good points. There is green tea, caffeine and EGCG, all proven to boost weight loss and increase metabolism. Unfortunately, there are four more stimulants included in the supplement. Dieters who consume very little caffeine will feel the effects of VegLife Trimmed & Energized very quickly. Those effects will last up to 12 hours; the life of caffeine in the body. We could not find the supplement for sale though the Nutraceutical company is active and lists several other supplements for a variety of health concerns.

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