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VegSource is an online resource to assist people who are trying to live the vegetarian lifestyle. They recommend weight loss plans that include focusing on fruits, vegetables and whole grains, insisting that whatever fat you eat you will wear somewhere on your body eventually. They do not endorse weight loss solutions in pill form, and instead encourage a healthy dose of exercise and psychological well being, including relaxation techniques.

Dietitians have always recommended bigger servings of fruits and vegetables and less meat to have a healthier body. The vegetarianism movement includes many people hoping to lose weight and to maintain a fit body. This type of diet can be complicated between veg, vegan, ovo, lacto, etc.; it’s often hard to know what you can eat. VegSource focuses on these difficult aspects of vegetarianism, offering a large bank of information, FAQs, recipes and a newsletter. You may consider the website disorganized and crowded, a virtual marketplace of product endorsements of products claiming to be vegetarian, but beyond the surface there is useful information.

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Product Features

Sabrina and Jeff Nelson developed VegSource after decades of living the vegetarian life which they adopted for both health and social reasons. VegSource contains information on the type of foods that a vegetarian can stick to and what they should be avoiding. Its “Why and How to Go Vegan” menu may be a resource for those who are considering the vegetarian life. The website has many links to products, recipes and other information related to vegetarianism. VegSource website is filled with newsletters and articles that discuss some issues that can influence readers to shift to vegetarianism. Some of the articles include information on fad diets such as the Atkins diet, obesity in general and foods high in oil and sugar. There are also some success stories and videos that VegSource post to motivate readers.

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  • Vegetarian diets usually can help people lose weight.
  • The VegSource website is loaded with information.


  • Becoming a vegetarian can be too big of a step for many people.
  • The VegSource website is packed full of advertisements.
  • The VegSource website seems extremely cluttered which may cause people to hit the “Back” button on their browser instead of looking it over.


If you are a vegetarian or are considering becoming one, VegSource probably has a lot of stuff you will like. There are stories, videos, recipes, and a populated discussion board that will keep you visiting the site again and again.

The problem we see with this site is that if you aren’t interested in becoming a vegetarian, you won’t find much to help you lose weight.

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    Lynda Pickhardt

    VegSource hold a yearly Health Expo, films it and then sells the set of DVDs for just under $100. I have purchased all of these dvds and more from their website. This is the third year I have had trouble with their customer service department and then have to e-mail Jeff Nelson, the owner of the website to straighten out whatever problem they are having at their end. Jeff usually solves the problem. Not so this year. I have moved this last year and they sent the dvds to my old address. The Post Office sent the dvds back to VegSource. We emailed VS asking them to ship the dvds to our new address. Per email they wrote that they would. Well, they haven’t and I have emailed the customer service department three times and Jeff Nelson once and haven’t had a response. If I could purchase these dvds elsewhere, believe me I would. These people have no regard for their paying customers. In the last two years, when Jeff solved the problem, I feel like he and his wife have more regard for the person/s who are ineffectively dealing with the VegSource customers. Last year, after Jeff made sure I received my dvds my name was dropped from their newsletter. I do most of my shopping online and never have the problems I have had with VegSource. And my prodding them along to do their job makes me feel like a complainer and I don’t like how that feels.