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Women who suffer from spider and varicose veins have for years looked for a treatment that both changes the appearance of the unsightly veins and also cures the pain and itchiness often associated with them. Veins have within them one way valves which, as the heart pumps blood around the body, prevent the blood from flowing backwards due to gravity. From time to time these valves cease to function properly, and blood starts to pool in the legs, causing swollen and unsightly varicose veins, which often protrude to the surface of the skin. The makers of Veinocal, Selmedica, claim that women can now be assured that the solution to this problem is only a mouse click away. They say that Veinocal is a homeopathic drug that works to treat varicose veins in a most effective manner. It comes in the form of a capsule that is taken orally and works from the inside to heal the veins. They claim that the product helps to strengthen the veins and their valves so that they revert to functioning as they were meant to, and that any related aches and pains simply vanish. It is claimed that women who have taken this product have not only felt better, but have seen results in their legs within two or three days.


Although there is a website for this product, it does not display a complete list of ingredients. Even though it states that the formula is simple and is explicitly put together to relieve varicose veins, the precise make up and dosage levels are not given. We believe that an ingredients listing is essential to any user to avoid any possible allergic reaction. There are many other manufacturers that do provide a product list, and anyone who is not comfortable about using this product should look for an alternate.

Product Features

Selmedica, the maker of Veinocal says that the cause of varicose veins is a weak vein that lets blood flow backwards. Unfortunately in making the claim of being able to heal this process, they give no clue whatsoever as to the makeup of the product. At $67 for a month’s supply we find this unacceptable.

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  • Product website posted
  • Discounts are offered for bulk purchases
  • Money-back guarantee is offered


  • Complete ingredient list is not displayed online at this time
  • No cited research at time
  • Product does not contain Diosmin 95
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