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Velasmooth appears to be a weight loss process that originated in Syneron Medical Ltd. In Yorneam, Israel. It is the first and only FDA approved, non surgical process that can be performed in several clinics all across America. In this review we will look at the information that is given to us so that we can try to determine whether or not this could be an effective weight loss treatment.


There are no ingredients as this is not a weight loss supplement.

Product Features

There are a few factors that are needed in order to perform this procedure. First, there is the need for infrared light. Then, there seems to be some sort of radio frequency that is used along with the infrared light. They then combine these two things with what is called mechanical massage and then vacuum suction. This is supposed to result in Collagen reduction and to improve the circulation int the problem area.

This procedure is said to be done in sessions over a period of time. It is said that the initial treatment is a series of 16 sessions that is done over a period of 8 weeks. So, we are guessing that there would be a requirement of 2 sessions per week for nearly 2 months. Each of these sessions are said to last anywhere from 45 minutes to an hour.

This procedure is said to be a modern way to approach to the reduction of dimples and cellulite, making the skin to appear smoother. It is supposedly non-invasive. In other words, it is not supposed to hurt or cause any type of irritation.

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  • It may be a possibility that weight loss could be a possibility if this procedure can successfully eliminate cellulite.
  • Treatment appears to be non-invasive.
  • No surgery is required for this treatment.
  • It has been mentioned that there may not be any down time.


  • The above mentioned procedure could prove to be a little on the expensive side.
  • There appears to be no free trial available.
  • Results of this procedure do not appear to be guaranteed.
  • A clinical visit is necessary in order obtain this said treatment.
  • Can tend to be very inconvenient due to the expense and the fact that it cannot be done from the comfort of your own home.
  • According to the website there is no set price. It is said that it varies from person person, but it does not say exactly how the price is determined.


Although it is thought that this may be a good technique for getting rid of those unsightly dimples that all women hate, it may not be as effective as a weight loss aid. It is hard to believe that just by following the procedures that are listed above will actually contribute to weight loss. This is because there appears to be no kind of exercise, appetite suppressant, or fat burner. It also does not promote a healthy diet, and these are the things that are thought to be necessary in order to obtain sufficieant weight loss.

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