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What You Should Know

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Velocity XT is a muscle building supplement, or pre-workout booster, manufactured by Neogenix. Though this product seems to be intended for bodybuilders, it may have some positive impact for those who are trying to lose weight through increased exercise. This review takes a closer look to determine if the product can hold up to its claims.

List of Ingredients

Velocity XT contains the following ingredients: Thiamine Disulfide Butyrate, Caffeine, Phenylethylamine, Hordenine, and 1,3-Dimethylamylamine.

Product Features

Thiamine is more commonly known as Vitamin B1. Vitamin B1 gets into the blood stream quickly and can provide calm and focus while also providing more energy. Caffeine is a stimulant thought to increase the metabolism and help burn fat, as well as increasing energy levels and alertness. Phenylethylamine, also known as PEA is another ingredient intended to increase energy levels and improve mental focus. Hordenine is just a type of PEA, thought to increase the metabolism and improve mental clarity. 1,3-Dimethylamylamine is the technical name for DMAA. It is a stimulant that works on the central nervous system. There have been positive study results showing it can boost focus, energy, and mood. If the dosage is too high, however, it can cause side effects, so those who supplement with it should proceed with caution.

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  • This product contains proven ingredients.
  • This product is available from a variety of online merchants.


  • Though the ingredient list is small and simple, the proprietary blend prohibits us from being able to see the exact amounts of the ingredients in the formula. This means we cannot see if there is enough of each ingredient to be effective enough to produce results.
  • We were not able to locate customer testimonials.
  • We are unclear on the money back guarantee for this product.
  • There are no free trials of this product.
  • Besides caffeine, there are no fat burners, or appetite suppressants.
  • It looks like with the number of mental stimulants in the formula, those who are sensitive may have trouble winding down to go to sleep at night.


While this product certainly does seem to have some benefit in the energy and focus department, there is not much to support it as a fat burner or appetite suppressant. Due to the lack of information about how much of each ingredient is in the formula, we cannot tell how effective the formula would be. We recommend finding another supplement that contains proven amounts of proven ingredients, known to burn fat and/or suppress the appetite. Then, use this supplement as directed with a balanced diet and regular exercise program for best results. If you do choose to take this supplement, do not take more than the recommended dose to avoid potential side effects.

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