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Our Veloxium review is packed with tons of nothing. Upon first glance, the website shows only two ingredients and there are no clear facts supporting either as good weight loss choices. We find references at the bottom of the page, but they are so small they could be lost amidst the bright colors. There are also no links between the references and the claims made on the Veloxium review. We hope, for the sake of our Veloxium review that something more is being added to this “potent” weight loss formula that detoxes, burns fat and sheds extra weight.

List of Ingredients

Green tea and Hoodia.

Product Features

Green tea is one ingredient well studied with vast clinical research. In addition to a long list of health and skin benefits, green tea has been proven to decrease appetite and increase fat burning ability in the body. For this reason, many weight loss supplements use Green Tea as the core ingredient. Most, however, do not include enough green tea to replicate the clinical results. Our Veloxium review reveals this product contains green tea – but how much it contains is unknown. Using a proven ingredient is a great step, but it is the only great step the supplement manufacturer takes toward weight loss.

Hoodia, the second and last ingredient in our Veloxium review, is an extract of a South African cactus. South African does not export Hoodia very often, so companies need to have CITES certificates proving they have authentic Hoodia in their product. Veloxium does not have an official website so not CITES certificate was found. Even if we did find one, Photoshop is a great tool used by many retailers and knock off artists to create a CITES certificate.

Hoodia was once thought to be the most effective appetite suppressant, but the same clinical research that proved green tea effective, proved Hoodia ineffective. There has been no study where participants noted a decrease in hunger when taking Hoodia. Veloxium does list a study reference on the official website we found interesting. According to the referenced study, 96% of people eat more food than they should. That’s it, no reference to ingredients in the supplement or how the supplement can change that fact. One-month supply of the supplement sells for $39.93.

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  • Green tea is known to increase fat burning potential.


  • The price is too high for green tea.
  • Hoodia is not an effective ingredient.
  • The references to green tea and Hoodia studies are not linked to the information on the website.
  • No ingredient totals are listed.


We cannot support the use of this supplement with our Veloxium review. The supplement offers the benefits of green tea, but nothing more. Dieters can buy green tea, brew it for much less, and gain all the same benefits.

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