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Venom Diet Pills are manufactured by ALRI, although they are now also sold under the name of Venom Hyperdrive supplements. The manufacturers of Venom Diet Pills tell us that the main active ingredient in these diets pills is Cocoamine. Cocoamine is a trademarked and patent pending formula. They tell us that Cocoamine is a unique cocoa extract that provides the health benefits of chocolate without any of the unhealthy ingredients.


The main ingredients in Venom Diet pills consist of Cocoamine and Hoodia Gordinii.

Product Features

There does not seem to be an official website for the Venom Diet pills, but the manufacturers tell us that it will increase your stamina and energy, as well as increasing your calorie expenditure and improving your long term athletic performance. The manufacturers tell us that Cocoamine, the main active ingredient in the Venom Diet Pills, contains Phenylethymamine, which they say is a neuroamine that increases attention and activity in animals and is one of the body’s most powerful stimulants. Cocoamine also contains caffeine, as well as tyramines, synephrines, octapamines and sympathomimetic compounds.

The other main active ingredient in Venom Diet Pills, is Hoodia Gordoonii. Hoodia Gordonii is, of course, an extremely popular ingredient now in weight loss pills. It was traditionally used by tribesmen in South Africa to stave of hunger when they went on long hunting trips and it is thought to have appetite suppressing qualities. There is some concern about synephrines from diet experts, as some believe that it can increase the risk of a stroke or heart attack. Venom Diet Pills can be ordered online at a price of $62.99 for one bottle.

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  • Venom Diet Pills can be ordered directly online.
  • A comprehensive list of ingredients is available for these pills.
  • Cocoa extract, which is present in the Venom Diet Pills, is said to have health benefits.


  • Venom Diet Pills use ingredients that many would still consider to be pretty experimental.
  • There is little information offered about “Cocoamine”, the main active ingredient in Venom Diet Pills.
  • Synephrines, which are present in Venom Diet Pills, are thought to perhaps increase the risk of stroke or heart attack.
  • It is unclear if unsatisfied users can return these pills for a full refund.


If we look at the claims that the manufacturers of Venom Diet Pills make, such as that they will increase your energy and stamina as well as improving your long term athletic performance, it would seem that Venom Diet Pills are perhaps mores suitable for those who work out , rather than those who simply want to lose some weight. They are also of course marketed as a diet pill but we have no proof that they are superior to other diet pills on the market. Given the untried nature of this supplement’s main active ingredient, we’d probably wait and see before committing to this one.

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  • 1
    Karen morritt

    I have Vernom fat burner the logo Reads
    the bite that burns it has a green huge logo venom and says clinically approved. It also claims it contains ECA stack,foshkolin,yoginbe,bioperine and gugguisterones is this one of your products?


  • 2

    My friend used Venom Hyperdrive 500mg – white bottle with green and black (green capsules) – for 2 weeks and he is as sick as a dog. He has got the jitters, sweating and he fainted when is heartbeat went up to 200. It came down to 110 after the doctor gave him heart tablets. He stopped taking the pills for 2 weeks now, but the symptoms is still there. It looks like he gets withdrawal symptoms. He can’t sleep at night and is very disorientated. Can you please give me your opinion?


  • 3

    I would also like to know where I can purchase The Original Venom before they took out the ingredients that suppressed your appetite.



    i would like it also! i lost 60+ lbs in 2-3 months with it!!! now NOTHING works!


  • 4
    William b

    would like to buy some original venom diet pills. I live in gardena Calif


    Your Name

    Me too. I would like to buy the original Venom diet pills. They have edited the ingredients so much that it doesn’t seem to work as well.


  • 5

    Where can i buy Venom diet pills on the South Coast in Kwa zulu Natal?


    Your Name

    Listen man…I live in Gauteng I can post them to you


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