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What You Should Know

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Any supplement with the name Venom Hyperdrive is bound to raise heart rates to the sky and burn fat with multiple stimulants. Some dieters are on the lookout for this type of supplement, but most want a proven weight loss product that helps them reach and maintain their goals. If we are right about the Venom Hyperdrive supplement, there will be many stimulant ingredients and little else to support weight loss or appetite suppression.

List of Ingredients

ALR Cocamine 3.0, Guarana Extract, Vitaberine, Maximowiczia Chinesis Concentrate, Phaseolus Vulgaris Concentrate, Hoodia Gordonii Concentrate, Schotia Simplicifolia Concentrate, Commiphora Mukul, R-Alpha Lipoic Acid, Rhodiola Rosea Concentrate, Tyrosine Ethyl Ester, Propionyl-Carnitine Ethyl Ester, Sophora Radix Concentrate and Rauwolfia Serpentina Concentrate.

Product Features

Ingredient one is methylsynephrine / caffeine / xanthines and those are stimulants. Ingredient two is Guarana, also a stimulant. These ingredients are packed into a proprietary blend of 605 mg and the first two ingredients are the ingredients in the highest concentrations, but we have no idea how high – high is.

Normally, we would go through each ingredient in the list, but the stimulation in this supplement is enough for us to hold our support. Bodybuilding communities mention this supplement quite often with athletes claiming to have taken Ephedra and never had the effect of Venom The Cocamine is stacked with tons of stimulation not to mention the Guarana, which is twice as strong when used with other ingredients. As the supplement is geared toward bodybuilders, the remaining ingredients are there to boost blood flow and increase muscle growth.

Using multiple stimulants in one supplement can lead to increased heart rate, increased blood pressure, overstimulation, sweating, jitters and insomnia. There is no warning on the website that we could find about high stimulant doses and health risks.

Venom Hyperdrive is an expensive supplement with a suggested retail price of $75.99.

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  • None.


  • The stimulants in this supplement could be dangerous for many dieters.
  • The price is far too high.
  • Some bodybuilders claim being wired for 6 to 10 hours.


Dieting is about losing weight, not risking heart attack. Bodybuilders claim after taking this supplement they had bugged eyes, pale skin and profuse sweating. For some builders who have used Ephedra, the effect was far stronger than any other stimulant they have tried. This is not a product we would suggest for any dieter to try let alone use on a daily basis. The suggested dose is two capsules, but as one bodybuilder put it he could not imagine taking more than one as he was still “amped” six hours later.

Dieters can try proven ingredients like green tea and chromium to lose weight without any risk of health problems or side effects.

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