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Venus Freeze is a skin and cellulite treatment that is non-invasive. According to the multitude of websites geared toward promoting the procedure. As is the case with all non-invasive cellulite treatments, Venus Freeze will only work on select clients. If you are overweight or obese this treatment will not help you lose weight. The idea is to slim down little pockets of cellulite, temporarily. The effects will not be permanent and it takes up to 10 treatments to reach optimal effects.

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  • Cellulite reduction procedure.

Product Features

The Venus Freeze procedure requires 15 minutes for a facial and 40 minutes per body treatment. The information we found did not mention how large of an area is treated in those 40 minutes, but we feel fairly certain the 40 minute treatment will not span the entire body.

During treatment you will receive what feels like a hot stone massage with the Venus Freeze machine. The machine uses a combination of radio frequencies and magnetic pulse to tighten skin and reduce the look of cellulite. The treatment, which has been covered on the television show The Doctors, claims to promote blood vessel and collagen growth. The radio frequencies are supposed to promote lipolysis.

We noticed on several occasions the words clinically proven, but we did not notice any links to the clinical studies on any website promoting the procedure. Venus Freeze procedures can cost around $1,250 per treatment area. The price will vary by area treated and where in the US you receive treatment. We also found the Venus Freeze machine listed for sale online for slightly less than $40,000.

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  • The Venus Freeze is non-invasive.
  • There could be clinical proof the procedure increases blood vessel and collagen growth.
  • The before and after photos are impressive.


  • The Venus Freeze procedure costs more than $1,000 per area treated.
  • The size of the area treated could increase the price higher.
  • The procedure is elective and will not be covered by most insurance companies.
  • The effects take up to 10 treatments to fully work.
  • Will not increase weight loss or fat loss permanently.


Venus Freeze may be the ideal treatment for people of normal weight who want to reduce the look of cellulite, but there are tons of cellulite treatments out there and many work in generally the same way. The Venus Freeze procedure is not going to help you lose weight, eat less or burn more calories.

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  • 1

    i think this product not working for me at all . i think i just waist my money …i did 4 tratement and i didnt notecd any change. i want to ask doctore for my money back


  • 2

    I would like to know how much it costs for the face and how many times i would have to go and how long before i have to go again for the procedure? Thank you.



    It cost $3,100, but they say they will give discount of $1,500.00.
    Yes it takes 8 treatments. Don’t know about that.



    Hi, any idea if ONLY aesthetic will charge $1600 for 8 sessions of Venus freeze. If it’s so I like to sign up. Hope to hear from you. Thanks


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