Verseo Foot Detox Patch Review

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What You Should Know

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The Verseo Foot Detox Patch is just one of the many foot detox patches that were once available on the market. They worked under the premise that attaching the patch to your feet overnight would help draw toxins out of your body overnight and the proof would be on the patch in the morning. Studies performed by various agencies showed that these patches did not do anything they claimed to do, most often containing none of the ingredients they claim to, and the “toxins” on the pad being nothing.

List of Ingredients

The ingredients in the Verseo Foot Detox patch are unknown, though they claim to be natural detoxifying ingredients.

Product Features

The Verseo Foot Detox Patch claimed to be able to help with weight loss by using natural detoxifying ingredients to remove toxins from your body. The lost toxins would result in weight loss, and or make it easier for a person to lose weight. They also claim to help reduce stress, increase energy levels, improve the immune system, and improve mental clarity, focus and concentration. After numerous complaints about the validity of the product, studies were conducted and they determined these products were shams, targeted at making money and nothing else. As a result, all products of this nature have been removed from the market, and are no longer available. If you were even able to find a product like this still for sale somewhere, it is not adviseable to purchase it. Even if the product did work, the transdermal delivery method of the ingredients works much differently than a supplement ingested orally through pill, powder or drink form. There is nothing to suggest that ingredients that work when taken orally would even work the same way when introduced to the body thorugh the skin.

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  • The Verseo Foot Detox Patch has no known advantages.


  • The Verseo Foot Detox Patch as well as other detoxifying patches are no longer available on the market due to false claims.
  • We have no idea what ingredients are in the patch.
  • This will not likely produce weight loss results.
  • This does not encourage a healthy diet.
  • This product does not mention exercise.


The Verseo Foot Detox Patch is not a product we would recommend even if they were still available on the market today. It is not likely any product of this nature was actually able to remove toxins from the body, especially through the feet, and even removing toxins will not present or promote a lot, if any, weight loss. For real weight loss, you must follow a sensible diet, regular exercise routine, and consider using a clinically proven weight loss supplement with active ingredients that include fat burners and/or appetite suppressants.

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