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Vi-Shape is a weight loss shake mix marketed by ViSalus Sciences and affiliates working for the company. The ingredient list was VERY hard to find as it is not listed on the official website. This is very disappointing because the flavor is one that many dieters love, so it could be a good source of protein for weight loss. We did manage to find a comparison of Vi-Shape and another shake that alluded to the possible ingredients. The price of the Vi-Shape shake mix is $59 per 30 servings. That is far more expensive than other protein powders that cost between $15 and $20 for more than 100 servings.

List of Ingredients

Protein Blend, non-GMO Soy Protein, Fibersol, Pre-biotics, Aminogen, Vitamins.

Product Features

This ingredient list tells us enough about the product to convince us that there is nothing spectacular about Vi-Shape protein shakes. The first ingredient, protein blend, is likely a combination of different types of protein. Whey protein could be one, but that would only be a guess based on the majority of weight loss shakes on the market.

Soy protein is a healthy, lean choice that we like in a protein shake. There has been some question about soy’s ability to feed estrogen based cancers, but there is no evidence that soy from a soybean plant has any effect on cancer.

Fibersol is a source of fiber and the appetite suppressant in this supplement. Fibersol will slow down the digestive process making food last longer in the stomach. Many weight loss supplements include a source of fiber, like glucomannan, for this same purpose.

Pre-biotics are all about improving digestive health. There is mention that the Vi-Shape shake mix contains vegetable and fruit extracts. Particularly of concern would be broccoli extracts and the like. If this is the case, the pre-biotics may help the intestine digest the protein more effectively without gas and bloating.

Aminogen is an interesting ingredient that is commonly used in bodybuilding supplements to boost nitric oxide levels. It is a source of health amino acids which help protein to digest, but is not often found in weight loss products.

Vitamins round out Vi-Shape making it an effective meal replacement.

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  • Tastes great.
  • Low calories – 140.
  • Good source of protein.
  • Healthy meal replacement choice.


  • Lack of information on the official website.
  • No complete ingredient list.
  • More expensive than other protein meal replacements.
  • Only 30 servings per container.


Vi-Shape may taste better than the competition but it is also about three times more expensive. There is not even a complete ingredient list for dieters to read before making the plunge. We suggest looking around for a comparable product for less.

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40 User Reviews about Vi Shape

  • 1
    Visalus Promoter and User

    If anyone has questions about the product, wants to try it, or order it, please feel free to contact me. Some of these comments are from people who have NO IDEA what they are talking about and have never used the products.


  • 2
    Vi Shake User

    You are NOT “starving yourself” on this product. You can add stuff to it, like fruit, peanut butter, soy milk, yogurt, whatever you want. Also, this isn’t ALL you would have all day long. You still have normal food, still have snacks, etc. If you don’t know about the actual PROGRAM, then you should not comment on the product. PERIOD!


  • 3

    140 calories should never be suggested as a healthy meal replacement! This shake is a protein snack to be enjoyed with the rest of a meal to make it balanced. and if you mix it with water… I believe it’s only 90 calories. “Protein Blend”… no thanks … Whey is superior to soy for SURE… I wouldn’t feed these to my dog. 90-140 calories and a sure fire way to send your body into starvation mode … and artificial sugars (sucralose) to sweeten it? No thanks again…


  • 4

    This product saved me from what could have been a long hospital appointment route! I put on just over a stone with the help of this product. I have friends and family who have transformed their health and the way they live life. You really haven’t seen who heard enough about this product, or you would have joined the Challenge by now! I love helping people achieve their 90 Day goals. I have started living life again and its great. Would love to share it with everyone.


  • 5

    I lost 30 lbs with in 2 months very happy with the product


    Visalus Promoter and User

    Great job Arlene!! Congrats :)


  • 6

    I just got some samples of Vi shape and I am debating if I should buy it. after reading all this comments it sounds like you guys are losing weight from starving yourselves not from the shakes. for a healthy lifestyle you should eat 5 meals a day in a small portion but this is not healthy



    Great comment! 5 meals a day is a healthy lifestyle for sure! Don’t buy it… it’s not worth the $


  • 7

    I have started vi shape shakes for about a month now I have lost 10 but I am at a standstill right now not losing anymore I need a solution 2 shakes a day and 1 meal and snakes in between c


  • 8

    Does this product affect the odor of your urine?


  • 9

    Like the taste of the shakes an enkoy mixing the powder with my coffee in the morning, and Bolthouse all friut n veggie juices in yhe afternoon. But i can get past the gas thes shakes give you. Im taking every 10 min or so. And the smell is worse. Not sure if i or my husband can take much more of me drinking these:/



    I’m in the same boat, only my husband is doing it too. This has been going on for over 4 months, I am looking for answers online about this.


  • 10

    The taste is great, and it’s low calorie. I have IBS though, and it gives me really bad gas and makes my stomach make some really strange noises. So I had to discontinue the shakes due to that.


    Donna J. Wimsatt

    I found Prime90 Moringa enhanced and Protein-rich Dutch Chocolate Meal Replacement to be the best on the market. Packed with 90+ verifiable, cell ready vitamins, minerals, vital proteins, antioxidants, omega oils and other benefits from the Moringa Oleifera tree. 150 calories per serving, delivers 20g of protein and 3g of fiber. Contains many parts of the Moringa, whey protein, but not the type that cause constipation. Great for those with IBS. Pure cane sugar, no surclose. I used this two weeks striaght,for lunch wen I was painting a house in rural Ky and going to a restraunt was not condusive. Oh my Gosh I loved the results.


  • 11

    I have used the Vi Shake for 54 days and have lost 43 lbs. I am type II diabetic. My fasting blood sugar has consistently been in the high 60′ to 70′s and once in a while low 80′s, which is fantastic! I have cut my levemir from 50 units each evening to 26 units. I go to the gym 2-3 x per week, and walk 1.5+ miles about 5 days per week. I use MyFitnessPal on my IPhone to track my calorie and weight loss goals. I drink 2 shakes per day, and my cost is $99.00 per 30 days, so each shake is about $1.65. I am actually saving money on food because I don’t eat out, and don’t consume as many grocery items. So yes, if you want to really lose the weight, you can with Vi Shakes, but it’s not a magic bullet. If you are gaining weight with the shakes, you’re doing something WRONG! I may look for a different protein product after my 90 days are up, but for now, this is working.


  • 12

    I used this product for approximately 4 months. During that 4 months I began walking at least 4 days per week, approximately 3 miles per day. I lost 50 lbs. during that four months. I am since off the product as it is hard for me to continue the same routine for a long periods of time.


  • 13
    buddy lee

    this stuff sucks, its too expensive does nothing. It can’t possibly be healthy for you, your starving your body and replacing it with a protein shake! think about it,


  • 14

    Two whole weeks of the shakes, gained 5 lbs the first week and 4.8 the second. I’m over it.


  • 15

    I was using the shake and loved it. I just reordered again and noticed that it doesn’t have the “Heart Healthy”symbol on it anymore. Anyone know anything about that?


  • 16

    i also gained weight on the shakes. i do have an underactive thyroid which is controllled by medication, so i dont think the thyroid is the problem. i wont be using it anymore.


    Tina W

    Actually, Soy and Broccoli are known to inhibit uptake/conversion of Thyroxine so it is more likely that this is the cause of your weight increase . I am a fellow underactive thyroid sufferer so I won’t be taking this supplement because I avoid Soy and Broccoli.


  • 17
    Sue Young

    Question can this be mixed with sugar free ice cream??



    Sure you can do that because I often mix with low fat yogurt instead of milk? it’s so good!


  • 18

    At a party, these are the only things that are done: samples of the shake are given out for everyone to try, the host, whose house it is, shares their story on why they joined the Challenge and what it has done for them so far, a DVD is played, giving everyone the detailed information about what the Challenge is, and how to pick the kits based on one’s health goal, and finally, at least a second person shares their story and what the Challenge has done for them, usually the person who sponsored the host, which is typically their own friend or family member. During this time, there is no mentioning of “curing” anything, and if there is a mentioning of “curing” by a promoter or a challenger, they are not providing the correct information. At any party, or a pre-party, there is no selling. There is no sales pitch, or people pushing you to do the Challenge or become a promoter. The Challenge is something you do together with your friends and family who you know, and you hold each other accountable for at least 90 days. When one comes to a Challenge party after they’ve heard two tools from their friend or family member, they are already interested in something that they like about the Challenge…they are going to get more information about what they liked about what they heard and saw before the party. So, already, they know what they are looking to do for themselves…now, they are going for the taste, meet others who are taking the Challenge already, and watch the informative DVD, and after all of that, because it is the third exposure, the guest then decides all on their own what they want to do. You have better results when guests voluntarily make the decision on their own without being a salesman, because it’s relational marketing: people who you already hangout with, spend time with, who are your friends, family, etc., who you love and care for. So, why do we have parties? Because it’s duplicatable. Not everyone can be a walking encyclopedia, or a nutritionist, or a fitness expert, or a salesman, or one to conduct a show at a flea market or a mall, etc. But everyone knows how to throw a party at their own home, press play on a dvd player, and press ON on a blender, and share. As for the reviews on this, the best way is to talk to the experts themselves about what the products do, experts consisting of the top 1% human nutritionist, and the top 1% scientist. To get all of the info, the website has every little detail regarding the ingredients, the patents, the research team, the testimonies, etc. Oh, by the way, the Body by Vi Challenge is NOT considered a Weight Loss Challenge, but it could be. The Body by Vi Challenge is a Health and Fitness Challenge, which has a side affect of Weight Loss. So, while other weight loss programs target the fat and only focus on weight loss, the Body by Vi Challenge focuses on health itself, which puts the body to work at MAX Capacity, which then allows all of the systems to start functioning again. This is why you see various results for diabetes, fibromyalgia, migraines, weight loss, muscle building, etc. But, you want the science behind it, you have to talk to the actual experts behind the products and inquire about the research done and why it works. I personally met them, shook their hands, and sat down with them and found out a lot of information, but it is not for me to go out and expose like a walking encyclopedia. They can easily be reached…all you have to do, is ask.


  • 19

    I have been drinking the shakes once a day forthe past 16 days and I have lost 9 lbs, 7 in the first week and 2 in the second week. I love the taste, live the shakes, but I will stress this to everyone, it is not magic, it will supplement one meal for you but you still need to eat real food, you need to eat healthier foods, excersise, and eat healthier food, and drink lots of water, cut out sodas and drink just water.


  • 20

    This “diet” is built on a foundation of lies. Went to a “party” which is really a sales pitch, where 10 minutes were spent on selling the product, but 30+ minutes spent on selling their “rich and thin” pyramid scheme. Not in writing – but spoken – we were told it would pretty much cure just about anything. Back pain. Fibromyalgia. Hip pain. Migraines. Fat. Low energy. Depression. Irritable bowel. Really? Doesn’t anyone think that perhaps if a magic potion had been invented to CURE every illness EVER, that perhaps it wouldn’t need a “party” to get the word out?


  • 21

    I’ve been on the shake for 3 wks and lost 7 lbs. My problem I’m getting bored with my eating and I don’t think I’m eating enough calories.


  • 22

    I used vi shake for 5 days and gaining weight like crazy. I was told I look very fat and Ive been two shakes a day, working out everyday, only snacking on veggies and fruit, i noticed my stomache is much flabbier and legs are alot fuller. Im worried my body is not good for vi shake. i pribably have to get a refund


  • 23

    I have been on the shakes for a month and I have gained! I follow all the rules and can’t figure out what I’m doing wrong!? Plus I walk and exercise regularly. I know a close friend has the same problem. We won’t be continuing with the shakes due to weight gain!!!


  • 24

    Been on Body By Vi Vi Shape for a month now. Lost 20 pounds and gained 4 pounds of muscle. I have been going to the gym 3 times a week. Before this, I haven’t been to the gym in 15 years. It really gives you energy you never thought you had. I LOVE this stuff. It has changed my family’s lifestyle and we look forward everyday to helping someone else change there old boring ways. If you would like more info, please visit my site.

    BTW, The price is $49 for 30 days not $59 for 30 days. That’s less then $2 for a healthily meal. Also, the ingredients are listed on the package.


  • 25

    my father inlaw wants to try this product but he is a diabetic. is this safe to use and what are the ingredients. thanks



    Yes, it is safe to use for a diabetic. A personal diabetic friend of mine is drinking this now. He went from 2 insulin shots a day down to 1 now and his doctor is very impressed. He is doing GREAT and loving these shakes. This is NOT a cure and should not be used to treat any health problems. Best thing to do is ask your doctor. Many doctors in my area are starting to put patience on this because of the health benefits and life style changes that are happing.


  • 26
    debbie Leistra

    I am a debetic and I have heart problems Vi Shape has help my sugars so much…It is a life thing for me…and I have lost 15 pounds,I do 2 shakes a day…wonderful stuff…..


  • 27

    Ive used this product for about 3 weeks and have lost about 3 pounds. But the pounds are quick to return if you eat anything not diet related. It taste great but very expensive. Will not purchase again.



    where can I buy the shakes?


  • 28
    Abby L

    Love the product! Was doing Jenny Craig for a whole lot more $$$, and half the results. Love the taste and lost 11 lbs. in 3 wks.



    I enjoy the taste but haven’t lost any weight. I also give vi-shape to my grandchildren,Is that OK?


  • 29

    I been on VI shape for three weeks and love it. The wieght loss is going great…I lost 5 pounds in a week.


  • 30

    Been on it 2-weeks, really taste good….but have only lost 2 pounds, and eating alot of salads, thought I would loose more….still trying, but after a month I will probably discontinue, if no more weight loss.


    Rebecca Deer Smith

    It may be that your calorie intake is not high enough. If you are eating “diet” food for your third meal you may want to try a higher calorie meal that is well balanced and eat healthy snacks in between meals and shakes.