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What You Should Know

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In a world of caffeine addicts, caffeinated chewing gum is old news, but Vibe Energy Gum is a new kid on the block. The gum sets itself apart from the competition because of high caffeine content and taste. There is 40 mg of caffeine per piece of gum and the gum tastes like chewing gum. Many other caffeinated gums taste like a tablet form of an energy drink with that weird citrus aftertaste few really like. The chewing gum taste is the reason this product is a gift and a curse.

Caffeinated chewing gum like Vibe Energy Gum is not safe for children or teens. This product needs to be kept away from children and teens at all times. Consuming the entire tube of gum in one sitting could cause negative side effects, including shakes, nausea and dizziness.

List of Ingredients


  • Caffeine
  • Ginseng
  • Guarana

Product Features

Feeling tired at work, but you don’t want coffee and you don’t have the time to run out for an energy drink? Products like Vibe Energy Gum claim they can fill that void. The gum comes in a small test tube shaped container. Each piece is shaped like a vitamin, according to one product description we found, but when chewed that vitamin shape turns into your typical piece of gum.

The chewing gum taste is what really caught our eye. Most energy gums taste weird and the caffeine is clearly on the palette after chewing. This product does not taste like an energy drink – it tastes like gum and that could make it easier to overdose on caffeine.

The caffeine in Vibe Energy Gum is delivered quickly as some absorbs through the mouth when chewed. Swallowing saliva created while chewing moves some of the caffeine to the stomach where it passes through the digestive process. This means you get a kick right now and a slow kick later, which could reduce the crash at the end of the caffeine high.

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  • Vibe Energy Gum is available online.
  • The caffeine content of each piece is only 40 mg.
  • The taste is amazing, according to consumers.


  • You can purchase caffeine supplements for less.
  • The taste could lead you to eat too much.
  • This product is not a diet supplement.
  • Caffeine can increase appetite.


We like the fact that caffeine is used in products for increased energy and focus – science has proven the ingredient effective in these areas. We are not thrilled with the fact that caffeine is often packaged as a candy, which could increase the risk to children. If you want a gum that tastes great and gives you a caffeine bump, Vibe Energy Gum will work, but be careful how much you chew.

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