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Vibra-Train is a series of franchised exercise studios that promote vibration exercise machines for weight loss and overall health benefits. The Vibra-Train approach focuses on use of a platform vibration device designed for exercise without breaking a sweat or raising the heart rate. Exercise vibration fans assert that vibration stimulate muscles to stretch, which in turn produces toning. According to Vibra-Train, this system originally was designed as a treatment for Osteoporosis. The clinical trials offered indicate that vibration exercises affect the body in other ways as well. Vibra-Train promotes the use of a vibrating platform mechanism for weight loss, improve lymphatic drainage, bone density and hormone levels. A typical training session in a Vibra-Train studio claims to build strength and flexibility while boosting the hormone profile.


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Product Features

Vibra-Train sells commercial vibration machines to gyms and exercise studios. The portfolio currently lists five models, each designed for a specific task. The “VIbra” series includes three versions, Light, Burn and Build. Vibra-light is for light rehabilitation and muscle repair. Vibra-Burn works as a muscle toner and fat burner. Vibra-Build promotes muscle gain. Each machine comes with a timer, vibration carpet, stop button, and other safety features. The “Bullet” is a larger device designed for full body training. All units come with full warranties. The manufacturer only sells to licensed Vibra-Train studios. The studios exist all over the world but seem focused in New Zealand and Australia. Franchising licenses sell for $80,000. Each license requires annual renewal of $5,000 to continue using the Vibra-Train logo. Vibra-Train provides three commercial units with each franchise. The company suggests studios offer the first visit at no charge. Pricing for individual sessions varies, but appears to be around $10 on average.

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  • Exercise units come with the franchise license.
  • Vibra-train personal help train new studio owners in the use of Vibration training.
  • Commercial units have stop buttons in case of an emergency.
  • Reviews from franchise owners and users are positive.


  • Vibration application is controversial. There is little evidence to suggest that vibration exercise promotes calorie burn, although this is clearly part of the advertising campaign from Vibra-Train.
  • The health benefits, such as lymphatic drainage, are vague and difficult to prove.


Vibra-Train is a brand name for franchised exercise studios. The use of vibration exercise has proven, through clinical trials, to be beneficial for muscle toning. The technique began in late 1800′s when Dr. Gustav Zander introduced the first machine at the World’s Fair. Since that time, many companies have designed and promoted devices based on the theory that vibration forces a reflex action in muscles. Studios that offer only vibration exercise for weight loss and health would seem to be limiting. Some full service gyms do offer whole body vibration platforms for use in conjunction with other forms of exercise and diet. Some users describe the effects of vibration as unpleasant with dizziness, nausea and headaches. Vibra-Train does not sell products to the public. Instead, they sell franchise licensing and provide equipment for independent studio owners.

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    Can you please tell me where I can go in Sydney to use a Vibra-Train machine? I recently visited the Rototuna, NZ centre with my daughter. She lives in Hamilton and goes to VT sessions regularly. I was very impressed and would like to do similar here.

    Kind regards,