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What You Should Know

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Vibrancy Bar is a healthy, vegan snack on-the-go. The bars are made with vegan ingredients, including omega fatty acids, protein and tons of fiber. The vitamin profile lacks substance so dieters should not use the Vibrancy Bar as a regular meal replacement though each bar contains about 180 calories. Vibrancy Bars are available in chocolate, berry and original flavors.

List of Ingredients


  • Sprouted Whole Grain Brown Rice Protein
  • Inulin
  • Dates
  • Organic Agave Nectar
  • Raw Almonds
  • Organic Sprouted Buckwheat
  • Almond Butter
  • Dried Apples
  • Hemp Seeds
  • Vega SaviSeed Oil
  • White Chia Seeds
  • Brown Rice Crisp
  • Natural Vanilla Flavor
  • Sea Salt

Product Features

For the average dieter the ingredients in the Vibrancy Bar may not seem impressive, but for the vegan the bar provides a healthy snack without animal ingredients or byproducts. One bar does contain about 180 calories, of which 63 calories are from fat. This may seem like a lot, but just one Vibrancy Bar supplies 1,000 mg of omega 3 fatty acids and the only source of omega fatty acids is fat – healthy fat.

The Vibrancy Bar is not a diet product, but that doesn’t mean there’s no benefit for the dieter. There is a sufficient amount of protein, fiber and fat to suppress appetite and appetite suppression is an important part of dieting. When eaten between meals, Vibrancy Bars may help dieters feel more in control of food choices may throughout the day.

Vibrancy Bars are provide wholesome nutrition that is perfect for snacking on the go, but the price is a little higher than most dieters would be willing to spend. One box of 12 bars retails for just less than $33. That adds up to almost $2.75 per bar. You can find the same nutritional profile in other snack bars in your local grocery store though they may not be vegan-friendly.

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  • Vibrancy Bar ingredients are listed on the official website.
  • Each bar provides 10 grams of protein and 10 grams of fiber.
  • Vegan-friendly.


  • Vibrancy Bars are expensive.


Vibrancy Bars from Vega are vegan-friendly. The higher price accounts for the premium ingredients, but for the non-vegan dieter vegan ingredients are not necessary – so this specialty product fulfills a need for a small portion of the dieting population. There are no specific ingredients to promote weight loss, but the combination of lean protein, omega fatty acids and fiber will help the dieter feel full between meals.

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