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Vibratone is a specialized fitness studio that promotes a 15 minute workout that is supposed to provide the same results achieved working out at the gym for over an hour. Vibratone has proprietary machines you can purchase that are touted to contain the latest exercise trends from Europe.

The website offers healthy eating and diet tips as well as downloadable meal planners as well as testimonials from every day users and some Olympic contenders. The website provides a link to publications Vibratone has been featured in. There are no studies that support the claims made by the company.


There are no ingredients in this product.

Product Features

The machines you use to work out vibrate during your workout. According to Vibratone, this means that the machine causes your muscles to contract while you work out, which exponentially increases the energy and caloric output of your muscles without requiring additional time or effort from you.

Vibratone has trained fitness instructors at each location. They are there to work with the clients to design the perfect workout routine to reduce fat in certain spots of the body. Memberships to the Vibratone facility include unlimited sessions with their fitness instructors. Vibratone is currently only open in Melbourne, Australia, but they have franchising opportunities available and do plan to expand.

You can purchase a Vibratone machine for home use for around $450 not including shipping from various online shops but this thing weighs 80 pounds so expect to pay quite a bit for shipping unless it’s included. Some retailers include the shipping in the total price so you will have to look around.

According to various websites, to use the Vibratone machines, you step up and down on them and do a wide array of exercises while standing on the machine while it vibrates.

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  • May provide users with a new exercise experience.
  • The website claims you will get a more complete workout much faster than usual.


  • Vibratone studios are only in Australia at the time of this review.
  • The home Vibratone machines are pretty expensive at $450.
  • There isn’t a lot of information from the scientific community about vibrations enhancing your workout.


Vibratone is an interesting idea. You stand on a small vibrating platform while you go through a normal exercise routine. If you’ve ever had a foot massager you stand on, you will know what this feels like but Vibratone machines vibrate about 10 times as fast. This could be uncomfortable for some people and possibly cause some issues with balance as well.

If you are sick of your standard treadmills, stair climbers, and elliptical machines, you might want to find a gym that happens to have a Vibratone machine so you can check it out. Whether or not you decide to try a Vibratone machine, we highly recommend adding a weight loss supplement that contains a powerful thermogenic ingredient to your diet.

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    Pam Hartman

    I would like to know if there is any concerns with taking this supplement along with medication for epilepsy?


  • 2

    If I use it 15 minutes every day in a week, how mutch weight will I lose ?