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In 1857, a Swedish doctor developed a theory that recurrent change of position through vibration will stimulate muscles to stretch. Vibro Plate is a whole body vibration induced exercise machine. This system works differently than conventional exercise, which relies on physical expansion and contraction to improve muscle tone. Vibro Plate claims to activate a reflex action in every muscle in the body with one session. The uses of amplitude, frequency and timing, force all muscle fibers to contract in order to offset the stress imposed by the vibration. In a sense, working all muscle groups at one time in one session. This low-impact exercise claims to offer skin tightening, increased strength, increased serotonin levels while decreasing in joint pain and blood pressure. ,


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Product Features

Vibro Plate comes in two formats, Professional and Compact. The Professional unit provides rails for stability and a digital display with a calorie counter. The Compact product comes with resistance band handles for upper body workouts and a remote control. Each unit features a pivotal plate, amplitude of 12 mm and auto workout mode. Both Vibro Plate products have an auto-timing feature that ranges from one to 15 minutes. The highest vibration frequency is 580 rpm; the lowest setting is 180 rpm. The Professional Vibro Plate sells for $379 and the Compacts unit for $329. Each comes with a one-year warranty. Direct shipping from the manufacturer will include international rates from the home base in Melbourne, Australia.

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  • Some gyms feature these or similar products. This would allow consumers to try the exercise before buying.
  • Some product forums, such as Digital Spy, post user comments that claim positive benefits from Vibro Plate.
  • Although the manufacturer ships from Australia, it may be possible to purchase one of these machines from a United States dealer.


  • Shipping fees will be high if ordered directly from Australia.
  • Users comments state this application has a peculiar sensation that may not be for everyone. Some report dizziness from the use of Vibro Plate.


Vibro Plate uses a technology that has been studied for over a century. This first testing of vibration exercise came at the World’s Fair in the late 1800′s by Dr. Gustav Zander, founder of Zander Institutes. Since this time, the advances in electronics and exercise engineering have improved upon Dr. Zander’s original concepts. While the overall performance of vibration machines seems to be positive, some users describe the effects as unpleasant. Constant vibration will lead to dizziness, nausea and headaches. Most should consider trying this or a similar product before purchasing a component. Those prone to motion sickness will probably not do well with a Vibro Plate system. There is limited information coming from the scientific or health communities regarding vibration exercises. It is unclear whether this product has support from physicians or fitness experts. Some gyms do offer this form of exercise, but recommend it in addition to regular workouts. Users of this product report success with regular use. One states, if you can take the odd sensation, you might see results.

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  • 1
    G ryan

    Is it ok to use wen UVE had a hip replacement


  • 2
    G. Fleming

    Can you use the vibro plate if you have high blood pressure.


  • 3

    Hi,my hubby has a problem of a vascular necrosis,will this machine be of any help to him……
    Kindly let us know


  • 4
    Laura McCreery

    Hi,I woul like to ask You if it is not advised to use Vibro Plate if You trying for baby?