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The Vibro Power Belt advertises as a high performance slimming belt, utilizing the philosophy of vibration stimulation to improve circulation and toning. Designed to target the waist, hips, back, gluts and thighs, the Vibro Power Belt creates oscillating massage movement and heat to promote blood flow and spontaneous muscle reflex. Vibration exercise is a method researched for decades. Essentially, if a muscle is externally stimulated it will respond with action. While traditional workouts involve manually expanding and contracting muscles, vibration forces the muscle to act based on reflex. The promotional ads for the Vibro Power Belt state that this unit will “rigorously massage the skin and tissue to break up deposits.”


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Product Features

The Vibro Power Belt design allows the product to bind to many different locals on the body. Each unit comes with three settings for varying intensities. The remote control manages the levels and detaches for access. The control also clips onto the belt to make it portable. The product offers a self-limiting temperature control dial to adjust the heat to a comfortable level. The Vibro Power Belt features an automatic shut off after 30 minutes of use. Included with this product are large and small extension belts, carrying case, measuring tape and Universal power adapter. The Vibro Power Belt retails for $99.00.

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  • Power adapter allows you to use belt without batteries.
  • Product comes with extension band to increase size.
  • Carrying case allows for accessible storage and transportation.


  • Vibration massage feels good, but probably does little to burn calories or fat.
  • The Internet offers little guidance on this product. There does not seem to be many buyer or expert reviews.


Slimming vibration belts have become a standard fixture in today’s market. Many products present this type of exercise. The theory behind vibration application does have institutional support. It is true when a muscle is stimulated it will move on reflex. The reflex action may develop toning within a muscle group. Unfortunately, there is so much more to weight loss than just moving muscles. This device appears to do exceedingly little for caloric burn. The manufacturer does state simply using the belt is not enough to improve health or lose weight. Those who want to shed pounds need to adapt conventional methods to achieve this goal. Proper diet and exercise that raises the heart rate will drop pounds effectively. A slimming vibration device, such as Vibro Power Belt, will help with muscle tone and possibly repair after an intense workout. If considering a vibration device, you will find many available for use. Most seem to have the same features as the Vibro Power Belt.

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  • 1
    Sherry Carter

    can i use the machine after having a stent fitted.


    Cameron (Editor)

    Where are your stents exactly? There may be discomfort around the belt covers near the stent. If you do experience discomfort have your doctor confirm its safety.


  • 2

    hi I have stomach problems can I use the round my waste?


    Karen (Editor)

    Hi Jim. There should’t be a problem but to be sure you must ask your doctor before using it.


  • 3
    Tahmina khatun

    Vibrapower belt massage feels good but probably does little to little to burn calories or fat . And design to target the waist,hips,back ,gluts and thighs.The vibra power belt help me to lose my waist and hips


  • 4

    Half hour don’t seem enough , can I keep the belt on longer .


  • 5
    linda newey

    Is it safe to use with hip prosthesis


  • 6
    Your Name

    do I remove the foam padding inside the unit?


    Your Name



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