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The Vice Busting diet addresses one of the hardest topics to overcome in weight loss – habit. Some dieters choose to eat out of pure habit. Food can be addictive like any drug and when the body gets used to eating food during times of stress, happiness, celebration and sadness, it comes to expect food when similar events happen in the future. Breaking this habit, or vice, is a huge first step in losing weight for the long-term and adopting better eating habits.

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Book and free dieting information on the Vice Busting Diet.

Product Features

There is a website associated with the book, The Vice Busting Diet. The website offers free diet plans for dieters who want to lose weight permanently without fad diet changes or extreme exercise. The mission of the website is to help one million people lose weight. There are sponsors listed on the official website. These sponsors help offset the cost of running the website and offering free diet plans based on the book. There are enough diet plans available that the dieter would never have to purchase the book to follow the plan.

The free diet plans available from The Vice Busting Diet are located on an outside website, is a program by Julia Havey. The program lasts 12 weeks and helps the dieter make tiny lifestyle changes to achieve better health and weight loss while eliminating the habits that cause weight gain. All the dieter has to do is sign up for the website and they will gain access to the free dieting plan. PGX is a weight loss supplement, but the dieter is under no obligation to purchase the supplement when accessing the free diet plans.

The basis of the diet and the supplement are blood sugar control. Controlling the rise and fall of blood glucose can help counteract hunger and cravings. On a basic human level, if blood sugar is kept level the dieter will never feel that intense need to eat often associated with habitual snacking.

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  • Free diet program supported by The Vice Busting Diet.
  • No obligation to purchase any products or books.


  • There is a supplement associated with the free diet.
  • The free diet is not available on The Vice Busting Diet website.


Making small changes is important to long-term weight loss. The dieter needs to learn that eating is a source of energy not a source of good feelings. Once the habits, or vices, are broken, the dieter can concentrate on exercise and eating right to continue losing weight. The PGX website is affiliated with The Vice Busting Diet, but the program is not the same as the Vice Busting Diet book.

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