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Vilcacora (Uncaria tomentosa) is a climbing plant found in the Amazon jungle. This plant has been promoted as an all natural cure for cancer and many other diseases. Vilcacora is a form of alternative medicine and has not been scientifically proven to cure cancer. A study conducted by the Department of Cell and Molecular Biology, University of Lund, Sweden, showed that extracts of the Vilcacora had a suppressive effect on tumors.

There are countless websites devoted to the plant. The Andean Medicine Centre, a company that manufactures and sells vitamins and supplements, sells Vilcacora in pill form. Their website posts many studies that have been conducted on calves to explore the treatment possibilities of Vilcacora.


Vilcacora (Uncaria tomentosa), Maltodextrin (bulking agent), E 202 (preservative).

Product Features

The Andean Medicine Centre website states that their Vilcacora pill can relieve the side effects of chemotherapy and radiotherapy. Their website also states that Vilcacora can reduce hypertension, boosts immunity and acts as an anti-inflammatory.

There are studies on The Andean Medicine Centre’s website that showed Vilcacora did improve calves’ immunity and was safely, and effectively digested. The Andean Medicine Company is dedicated to spreading the knowledge of healing plants found in South America and the popularization of them.

The official Vilcacora website is pretty technical so it may be hard for many people to understand exactly what this product is supposed to do. If you try to buy Vilcacora, you will be taken to Herbsecret, a UK based distributor that sells various types of Vilcacora products between $10 and $50. Some are facial creams and others are anti-inflammatory “disease prevention products”. We don’t see any true weight loss capsules anywhere on any of the related sites.

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  • Vilcacora is all natural and should have no side effects.
  • Vilcacora products all seem to be fairly cheap.


  • Vilcacora doesn’t seem to be a weight loss product at all.
  • There aren’t enough studies done on this substance to convince us it is effective for anything.
  • The various websites for Vilcacora make many claims that are hard to believe.
  • We can’t find any testimonials about Vilcacora on the official website.


Vilcacora seems to be marketed mainly to people who have cancer, tumors, or other life threatening illnesses. There isn’t much mentioned in the area of weight loss. It’s hard to put much stock into a product like this because if it really worked, it would be all over every news broadcast in the world.

If you are looking for a good weight loss product, we can’t recommend Vilcacora at this time but we do encourage you to look for a product that contains a powerful thermogenic ingredient such as Citrimax.

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    Where can i buy vilcacora tea? I have got uncaria.