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Vim & Vigor is a company headquartered in Calabasas, California that manufactures products for weight loss, beauty, anti-aging, digestive health and a healthy immune system. Ran by fitness experts, Rick and Karla Jarrett, the company features items advertised as effective nutritional supplements. Additionally, Vim & Vigor offers a customer membership program for discounted products and exceptional deals. The Vim & Vigor logo reads, “Promoting a Healthy, Lean and Active Life.”


Each product has a exclusive formula.

Product Features

Vim & Vigor features products for weight loss and beauty enhancement. The company offers a broad, comprehensive catalog divided into sections such as Weight Loss, Joints, Hair and Skin, Anti-Aging, Digestive Health and Immune System. Listed in the line up is the Vim and Vigor’s Collagenate, advertised for weight loss, joint health and skin nourishment. This item is a liquid collagen supplement designed to increase fat metabolism, rejuvenate muscles, joints, skin and hair. Based on the theory that the body is held together by the structural composite collagen, Collagernate works to restore a substance the body lacks with aging. One bottle of Collagernate sells for $67.00. The Weight Loss/Fat Loss Patch contains a natural blend of ingredients absorbed through the skin. This patch utilizes Forslean, a herbal extract from Coleus Forskihlii, plus other components to stimulate the thyroid, burn fat, maintain lean muscle and improve overall health. Patches remain in place for 24 hours. The Vim and Vigor Weight Loss patches retail as 3 Next Patch for $207.00. After Vim and Vigor customers spend $200.00 on the website, they qualify for membership. A membership agreement offers discounts on all units. For example, members can purchase Collagenate for $42.00.

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  • The membership program offers savings on the Vim and Vigor product line.
  • The website contains testimonials about the products..
  • Fitness experts design and develop the product line.


  • No institutional endorsement for products from Vim and Vigor.
  • The F.D.A. does not support the products offered by this company.


Vim and Vigor has a comprehensive catalog that includes supplements for weight loss, health and beauty. Many offerings by this company cross over between divisional lines. For example, Collagenate not only provides nutrients for weight loss, but also claims to improve skin, nails and hair. As a way to promote their products, owners Rick and Karla Jarrett feature a membership program for discounted pricing and unusual offers. Vim and Vigor designs their product line to appeal to the vanity of human nature. The products promise beauty and a slender body, but with no clinical or scientific data to support that claim. What appears to be fact, when broken apart, is advertising jargon. Most weight loss supplements focus on one or two aspects that work to keep on the pounds, like carb absorption and fat storage. Vim and Vigor packs as many promises as possible into each product with the hopes that you will believe at least one. Collagenate helps you lose weight, and enhance attractiveness at the same time. When considering dietary and nutritional supplements, if it seems to good to be true, start counting calories instead.

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    Marco Parize Jr.

    I just tried to table spoons of Vim and Vigor product this morning. Does consistent use of this product help relieve headaches?


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    Does it negatively affect diabetics?


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    donna silveria

    How is Vim and Vigor taken?? With or without food?


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    What is the carb and sugar content of Vim and Vigor?


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    do you have hcg liquid diet


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