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Vince Del Monte is a self-proclaimed fitness expert and author. According to his “Skinny Vinny” story, Vince has gone through life too thin. After becoming a competitive long distance runner, he attended the University of Western Ontario and received a bachelor’s degree in Kinesiology. This began a career as a personal trainer and produced his first book, “Muscle Building.” Today, he provides a framework for bodybuilding titled “6-Pack in 6-Months.” This product offers an e-book, workout DVD and meal plan. Included is a number of stepladder muscle building routines that progresses until the user is working out five days a week.


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Product Features

This is a program that provides tools and workouts. The goal is a 6-pack figure. Originator Vince Del Monte promises to help you achieve that goal with his program. The 6-pack in 6-Months plan boasts to be a “No Nonsense” fat loss formula. Included are Del Monte’s book, DVD workout set, 10 meal plans, and three separate 16-week metabolic boost workout systems. The process begins with a 16-week, 3-day cardio workout. The program gradually increases the drill until reaching a 5-day exercise plan. The system adds bodybuilding exercises and an online support network complete with audio interviews and community chat. The cost of the 6-pack in 6-Months program is an online purchase of $77.00. Once payment is processed, purchasers have instant access to the service.

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  • Vince Del Monte is an author and has a degree in health sciences.
  • The website is packed full of testimonials from those who claim to have successfully completed the program.
  • There is some negative press regarding this product, but a sizeable amount of positive articles also.


  • There is a vagueness about this system and its originator, Vince Del Monte. For example, Del Monte claims to have received training from a well-known bodybuilding champion, but the name of the champ is blacked out. Upon reading all the information, it is still difficult to determine at a glance what items you receive.
  • There are a couple of websites dedicated to claiming this process is a scam.


Vince Del Monte is a personal trainer, competitive runner and body builder. He has developed a system that includes a systematic plan for strength and increasing metabolism. There is some indication that this is a robust system for those serious about weight loss and bodybuilding. Serious is the keyword. This appears to be an intensive program. While the system offers some valuable tools, there is a mass of uncertainty associated with this product. It starts at Vince Del Monte’s website and builds as you explore the program. The outpouring of overly enthusiastic and profanely negative press seems to cancel each out until the consumer is left scratching his head. Independent fitness reviewers have little comment regarding the issue. If you have the “stick-to-it-ness” to go all the way with the program, it appears to be effective. The problem exists in the intensity of the system and workout. This is not a handholding project. Users will need to work and follow it carefully for results. As Vince himself states, no can make you get off your butt and work.

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