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Virox is a brand name for antiviral, herbal supplements produced by LarreaRX Biosciences, Inc. Virox uses a herbal remedy extracted from the desert shrub Larrea tridentate. The focus of these products is over the counter treatment of all types of herpes as well as other forms of viral infections. The LarreaRX company describes their mission as “combining the lessons of ancient medicine with the knowledge of modern science.” LarreaRx products contain a patented formula that uses the extract plus non-toxic antioxidants to reduce quinine present in Larrea tridentate. The Larrea plant contains antiviral chemicals known as lignans. According to retailers of Virox, these compounds are scientifically proven to have a distinct antiviral effect.


Larrea tridentate extract, ascorbic acid (vitamin C), clove, calendula oil, vitamin E cream base

Product Features

Virox comes in three formulas, capsules, lotion and spray. The capsules version contains 60 pills with both the extract and vitamin C. One bottle retails for around $39.99. Virox Penetrating Spray works on areas of the skin with lesions or painful eruptions. The spray contains an anti-inflammatory to reduce swelling as well as the antiviral extract. A 2-ounce bottle of Virox Penetrating Spray sells for $29.99. Virox Cold Sore Lotion provides relief for herpes type cold sores and fungal infections, such as warts. The lotion mixes Larrea extract, clove and colendula oil into a vitamin E cream base. The lotion claims to be effective against inflammatory skin conditions, such as eczema, psoriasis, atopic dermatitis and post herpetic neuralgia. A 1-ounce bottle of Virox Cold Sore Lotion costs $29.99.

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  • Clinical trials verify the effectiveness of Larrea extract as an antiviral application.
  • Product comes in various forms to reduce the possibility of transmission or transfer.


  • Virox products are expensive.
  • There are safety concerns with Larrea extract. The manufacturers of Virox maintain their extraction method reduces problems with the use of the herb.


Scientists believe the Larrea plant is one of the oldest living plants on earth. Since the days of the plague, people have looked to Larrea tridentate as a method to treat infection. Virox is a herbal supplement used to treat all forms of herpes with the help of natural antioxidants. Antioxidants work to battle the toxins formed by the cells in the human body. In 2005, John Hopkins University conducted a study of the Larrea plant and its effectiveness as an antiviral medication. The final results were positive. Herpes and viral infections in general can be highly contagious. One advantage of the VIrox products is the spray-on application available during an outbreak. This allows users to avoid touching infected areas and spreading the disease to other regions of the body or transmitting it to other people. Anyone with chronic infections or lesions should see a doctor for a proper diagnosis. Utilizing Virox to treat undiagnosed illness might cause other health problems. Virox may not work effectively on other issues such as bacterial infections.

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