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Viscofiber claims to provide one of the most beneficial kinds of fiber in supplemental form. The formula works to re-route dietary cholesterol to a healthy level by trapping bile and carrying it out of the body. In theory, as bile acid depletes, the body must draw cholesterol from the bloodstream to make more. In addition, Viscofiber controls blood sugar to uphold energy levels. The gel formula slows the rate of digestion for simple carbohydrates and absorption of sugar from starch. If taken before meals, Viscofiber creates a full feeling in the stomach. This feature, in addition to blood sugar control, help dieters secure and maintain an appropriate weight. Viscofiber retains its natural qualities after processing to deliver up to 12 times the soluble fiber found in oat bran. The company supports claims with clinical research and testing techniques.


Ingredients vary based on product

Product Features

Viscofiber is an all-natural soluble dietary fiber made from oat grain. The product, when first produced, is a neutral tasting blend. Viscofiber supplies their oat grain formula to other companies who incorporate it to their products. Cholesterol Balance Fiber Complex uses Viscofiber, Cholestatin and Policosanol to form capsules for use with evening meals. Cholesterol Balance Fiber sells as a 90 capsule package for $27.95. The Sangster’s ViscoFit Meal Replacement mixes with water or low fat milk to form a shake with low carbs and high in vitamins and minerals. One 800-gram bottle retails for $43.99. Nutraceutical Sciences Institute uses Viscofiber in the NSI Fiber Slim capsules. This product is a dietary supplement designed to increase daily intake of soluble fiber. One bottle contains 240, 750 mg capsules and sells for $19.77.

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  • All natural ingredients
  • Provides more soluble fiber than the average oat bran cereal.
  • Clinical trials verify the effectiveness of this product.
  • The delivery system provides several options for consumers.


  • The additional of soluble fiber to the diet may initially have side effects, such as gas and bloating.
  • This product is not recommended for women who are pregnant or nursing. .


Viscofiber is a highly concentrated soluble dietary fiber derived from oat. The nature of the refinement allows the grain to retain up to 50 percent of the original fiber content. Soluble fiber interacts with body processes to keep cholesterol levels within normal rage. In addition, the use of this product will generate a fullness sensation in the stomach to aid in weight loss. Viscofiber claims their product helps users maintain regularity and digestive health. The high viscosity of Viscofiber increases the transit time through the body’s intestinal tract. The result is delayed digestion of carbohydrates, reducing sugar craving and improving the body’s glycemic response. The manufacturer produces a number of clinical studies that would seem to support their claims. There is no doubt that soluble fiber helps the effort to lose weight. If looking for a form of fiber, this product will probably give you one option. However, there is a number of fiber products available that will do much the same thing.

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