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Vitagenics Vita-Lean is a weight loss supplement sold outside the United States. There are only two main ingredients in the supplement and though both have been clinically proven to increase weight loss, if only a bit, there is also the risk of severe side effects when taking the supplement. Pricing errors on the front page could leave dieters spending about two times what they expect for the Vitagenics Vita-Lean supplement.

List of Ingredients

Irvingia Extract, Cissus Extract, Maltodextrin, Vegetarian Cellulose, Magnesium Stearate, Silicon Dioxide.

Product Features

Irvingia Extract has been studies with small weight loss benefits, but the dieters in the study complained of headache, stomach upset and dizziness. All studies we could find involved very small numbers of participants.

Cissus Extract has also been studied for its effect on weight loss. As a standalone supplement, we could find studies supporting weight loss after the supplement was taken for at least four consecutive weeks. When Cissus Extract was combined with Irvingia Extract the total amount of weight lost increased.

There are plenty of weight loss ingredients, like Ephedra, proven to increase weight loss but the effect on the body must be taken into consideration. Irvingia is associated with some severe side effects. When choosing a healthy supplement, it is important to weigh the good with the bad. In this case, the study authors were not doctors and the results, though promising, have not been replicated. Side effects in the combination study included headache, stomach discomfort and loss of sleep. These sound very similar to Ephedra side effects.

Vitagenics Vita-Lean states it sells for £27.95 or $43.92 per bottle on the main page. When the dieter clicks to buy the supplement, it is listed at £55.90 or $87.85 per bottle. The supplement can be sent to the United States for a higher shipping and handling fee.

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  • All-natural ingredients.
  • Ingredients listed on the official website, clearly on the front page.


  • Product sold outside the United States.
  • Claims of weight loss are extraordinary (28 pounds in 10 weeks).
  • One study with the main ingredient left dieters feeling dizzy.
  • Increased appetite is associated with Irvingia.
  • Clinical studies do not prove ingredients in Vitagenics Vita-Lean will increase weight loss.
  • No clinical studies are referenced on the website.


We would not support the use of Vitagenics Vita-Lean for weight loss. The study we looked into for Irvingia was enough to turn us away. Dieters complained of gastro-intestinal discomfort and pain, increased appetite and dizziness. If the other ingredients in the supplement were extremely powerful, there could be a small reason to support the product, but that is not the case. We suggest dieters stick with proven herbal ingredients like green tea and chromium.

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3 User Reviews about Vita-Lean

  • 1

    I received a trial from vitalean and both the capsules and diet patch made me violently ill.

    I cancelled the subscription on day 14 of the 14day period, the company took the amount of £75 out of my account first thing on the morning of day 14.

    I have notified my bank to ensure no more payments are made.

    The products are going to be returned minus 2 capsules and 1 patch.

    I think this is a total scam and it is disgusting that these companies think they can get away with the scams.

    I would be ashamed of myself and be unable to sleep at night if I worked for such a company.

    Keep away!!!


  • 2

    I have been taking vita-lean for 1 month and no weightloss not even 1 pound


  • 3
    barbara frost

    every time i take vita-lean i get bad stomach pains and an upset stomach so bad i can’t leave the house