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Vita Slim takes a much different path than other diet products that are taken as oral supplements. Instead of taking the ingredients in Vita Slim by mouth, you place it on your skin as a patch. The idea is that the ingredients contained within this Vita Slim patch can be absorbed into your bloodstream much more efficiently, allowing you to enjoy maximum benefit from your diet product. Vita Slim promises to boost metabolism, curb the appetite and provide energy safely and effectively.

Vita Slim claims to help people lose weight quickly and easily, without the need for diet or exercise. No diet or exercise? This immediately sends up a red flag to us, since a healthy diet and daily exercise are not only the cornerstones to a successful weight loss program, they are also the key to a healthier lifestyle overall. The Vita Slim patch must be changed daily and we were unable to determine how many patches are included in a single package. We should also note that we were only able to find this product available for sale in euros, so American women may not have this option available to them.

List of Ingredients

The Vita Slim patches contain seaweed extracts, Indian spices, ivy and green tea extracts and vitamin B6.

Product Features

We were unable to ascertain whether this was a complete ingredient listing for Vita Slim. The only substance on this list that is fairly typical in diet supplements is green tea extract. When taken orally, green tea extract can act as a stimulant in the body because it contains caffeine. It is inconclusive whether placing a patch with this substance on your skin will have the same effect as when you take an oral green tea supplement. What is not included on this list are proven weight loss ingredients like the appetite suppressant hoodia gordonni. While it is unknown whether a skin patch with these substances would have any positive effect at all, it would have been desirable to see proven weight loss ingredients over the formula listed here.

The Vita Slim website does offer a warning to pregnant and nursing women, recommending that they do not use this product. It is also not suggested for those suffering from hyperthyroidism since the patches also contain iodine. We would also be concerned about irritation to the skin, especially sensitive skin, stemming from placing and removing adhesive patches daily.

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  • The Vita Slim product appears to be relatively inexpensive.
  • Warning information is provided.


  • A complete ingredient list does not appear to be available.
  • There is no proven fat burner or appetite suppressant in the formula.
  • It is unknown whether a patch application will have the same effect as an oral supplement.
  • The product may not be easily available outside of Europe.


With sketchy information provided on the product, and no proven track record that a patch will work effectively for weight loss, we would caution women who are considering Vita Slim. Most reputable diet products will recommend a healthy diet and daily exercise in conjunction with a diet supplement. Those that offer a product as a replacement for an otherwise healthy lifestyle should be scrutinized carefully. Also, Vita Slim’s patch delivery system is still fairly experimental in the field of weight loss.

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    Where can I buy Vita Cleanse & NutriBerry Slim??


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    Im over weight and i dont know if Vita Slim is ok for me caz im 115 kg and lm 51


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    gabby rain

    Uhm does it help u lose weight?


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    I live in Cape Town, South Africa. How do I get my hands on vita cleanse & nutriberry slim?


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    i want to use vita slim and i dont know the price in eygpt


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    I have a confirmation # for canceling my account with you and you still took money from my account. I responded in 12 days and you took it out of my account on the 16th day. If you do not respond in a timely manner as far as returning my money, you will be hearing more from me and the BBB.


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    where i can buy vita slim?