Vitabase Herbal Diuretic Review

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What You Should Know

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Diuretics are increasing in popularity among dieters. They offer quick weight loss with what appears to be few potential side effects. However, most dieters do not understand how diuretics affect overall health. The ingredients in Vitabase Herbal Diuretic do not have a built-in signal to stop when water or fluid levels in the body are just right. Instead, more and more water is pushed out causing an imbalance in electrolytes and a reduction in potassium. When potassium loss reaches critical levels, muscles start cramping and eventually seize up. The heart is a muscle affected by potassium loss.

List of Ingredients

Vitamin B6, Potassium, Uva Ursi Extract, Dandelion, Goldenrod, Juniper, Buchu and Bladderwrack.

Product Features

Most herbal diuretics contain one or two ingredients. Vitabase Herbal Diuretic contains six. The company does add potassium to the supplement to counteract potassium loss due to increased urination. While this is a good gesture of faith, there are other dangers associated with using diuretics for weight loss and Vitabase does list “weight” as a benefit of taking Vitabase Herbal Diuretic.

Diuretics have no idea when to stop pushing water or fluid from the body. If the dieter does not drink enough water or fluid to replace what is lost, dehydration quickly occurs. Skin may appear drier than normal, eyes burn and constipation results. Moreover, the organs do not have the water needed to perform properly. Over time, diuretic use could lead to death.

There are medical reasons to take diuretics. Some patients have edema or other fluid disorders that cause an unhealthy storage of water. Diuretics, herbal and prescription, help fight fluid overload. But, the more a person urinates, the more work placed on the kidneys. Patients with kidney disorders or taking dialysis should never take a product like Vitabase Herbal Diuretic.

Vitabase Herbal Diuretic sells for $16.95 per 100 vegicaps. This price is comparable with other water pills.

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  • Vitabase lists all ingredients and total amounts included in the Herbal Diuretic.
  • The price is comparable with other natural diuretic supplements.
  • Will cause water weight loss.
  • May help a dieter suffering from water retention.


  • Increases pressure on kidneys.
  • Can cause dehydration.
  • May cause electrolyte imbalance.
  • Is not a safe alternative to proven weight loss supplements.
  • No fat burning ingredients.
  • No testimonials supporting weight loss claims.


Vitabase Herbal Diuretic contains all the right ingredients to reduce water retention, but water retention is not the same as fat storage. Dieters do not need to dehydrate the body to see the scale move. They need to burn fat and this supplement will not have that effect. The potential side effects of taking a diuretic should be considered before choosing Vitabase Herbal Diuretic.

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