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Many people today are increasingly concerned about the sources of their food, and are often worried that the particular foods that they are eating are devoid of the nutrients that traditionally made them a healthy choice. Vital Choice is a US company specializing in the provision of organic and wild fish meats, as well as dietary supplements. The company harvests its catches from sustainable fisheries, or from fishing areas that are widely considered to be sustainable. The company also produces a range of Omega 3 salmon supplements that are designed to help boost neural and nerve functioning, and can help contribute to a healthy and balanced lifestyle.

List Of Ingredients

Products offered by Vital Choice vary depending on the particular product in question. However, the company emphasizes its “natural” approach to preparing food, and highlights its cautious approach to the type of fish it catches. Its supplements are certified pure, and contain natural salmon oil. Other products such as berries, nuts, and chocolate are organic and do not contain additives or preservatives. More information can be found on the company website.

Product Features

Vital Choice provides a range of wild- and farm-fished salmon and fish products that are designed to offer significant amounts of vitamins and minerals, as well as being high in essential fatty acids such as Omega 3. The fish are caught using sustainable fishing methods, and are flash frozen to ensure that the nutrients and vitamins are captured without breaking down. The company offers a range of Kosher, organic, and natural foods.

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  • Products are natural or certified organic
  • Kosher products are available
  • The company is backed by a range of testimonials and certifications
  • Bulk and clearance deals available


  • Supplements and products can tend towards being expensive
  • The products are not specifically designed for weight-loss, but rather should be paired with a balanced diet and exercise


Vital Choice products are a good choice for those who are looking for low-fat and healthy protein products, as well as supplements designed to fortify neural and nerve strength. The company offers organic and natural foods, and emphasizes sustainability and eco-friendly practices. However, users should note that these products are not specifically designed to facilitate weight loss, and may only contribute to weight loss in the context of a healthy and balanced diet that is complemented by exercise at periodic intervals. Users should also take into account the demands of shipping frozen products, as such products must be picked up upon delivery to ensure that they remain fresh and do not spoil. However, users may wish to make note of the nutritional information and recipe ideas on the website, as these provide a number of useful items for those looking to lose weight or improve their diet.

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    Vital liars is really this companies moto. I recently saw the one time summer fisherman randy at a show and he was be very deceptive toward the public. He buys from large industrial corporational plants which pump out fish. His prices are about 5 times higher than other retail suppliers. He’s a want to be. My seafood from him was brown around the edges and smelled bad.