VitaLife 2000 Review

Editor's Review: 2.6 / 5.0

What You Should Know

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VitaLife 2000 is a product developed by VitaLife, a global company specializing in dietary supplements and products designed to help promote muscle growth and physical health and well being. VitaLife 2000 is herbal supplement that is designed to result in improved levels of vitality and energy, which are in turn designed to facilitate weight loss.

List Of Ingredients

Unfortunately, the VitaLife website does not offer an explicit outline of the ingredients contained within VitaLife 2000, or any of its other products. However, an analysis of the nutritional panel provided indicates that Vitalife 2000 contains ingredients that include Ginsing, Bilberry, Garlic, Grape Seed, and Artichoke leaves. The product also contains Vitamin B12, indicating that it may include some animal products.

Product Features

VitaLife 200 is designed to promote weight loss by increasing the user’s energy and vitality, resulting in an increased metabolism and a greater amount of activity. The product is available in pill form and is designed to be taken orally. While its price is not readily available, other slimming products in the VitaLife range appear to sell for between 8-2 Euro for between 100 and 200 capsules.

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  • VitaLife 2000 appears to be endorsed on a number of weight loss websites
  • The product is designed to help increase energy and activity, rather than dampening appetite
  • The ingredients appear to be all natural


  • Very little information is available about the product or its ingredients
  • There is little information about the efficacy of the products, particularly as its active ingredients appear to be unknown


VitaLife provides a range of products designed to promote health and wellbeing. VitaLife 2000 appears to be a relatively natural supplement designed to promote weight loss by increasing the metabolism as well as activity levels. It contains some ingredients that are frequently associated with health and well being, but it is difficult to be sure of the efficacy of this product given the lack of information about it online. If the product does indeed encourage increased activity, this, in tandem with a healthy diet and exercise, may help promote weight loss.

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