VitaLife Review

Editor's Review: 3.3 / 5.0

What You Should Know

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VitaLife is a global company specializing in a range of supplements and other sports-related products designed to result in improved health and well being and to help promote muscle growth and rebuilding after a workout. The company also offers a variety of slimming products designed to help users lose weight. The company’s products include amino acids, protein powders, weight gain powders, weight loss powders, vitamins, and energy bars and sports drinks.

List Of Ingredients

The ingredients of VitaLife products vary depending on the particular product in question. The products are available in a variety of flavors, and may be sweetened with artificial sweeteners such as aspartame in order to keep calories and carbohydrate levels low.

Product Features

The products offered by VitaLife promote a range of different functions and goals. The whey protein supplements are designed to help promote muscle repair and muscle gain, while amino acid products are designed to help ensure healthy levels of neural and nerve functioning. Carbohydrate products are often used to improve energy levels and to promote weight gain, while slimming products are designed to promote weight loss. There is also a range of vitamin supplements designed to help complement a diet that is lacking in particular vitamins and minerals. All products are available online, and can be purchased in tablet or powder form depending on the particular product.

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  • The products are available online, with a variety of each product available
  • The products are popular and appear to sell well
  • Usage directions are available on the website


  • Products contain aspartame, an artificial sweetener that some may wish to avoid
  • There is little information about the efficacy of the products, and especially the weight loss products, available
  • Many products appeared to be geared more towards experienced athletes
  • It is difficult to obtain a list of the ingredients contained within each product


VitaLife provides a range of products designed to promote health and wellbeing. While many of the supplements appear to be geared more towards athletes or bodybuilders who may have specific dietary needs, the company does also produce a range of slimming supplements. However, little information is available about the ingredients of these products, and no information about the efficacy or research undertaken in relation to them is available. They appear to contain kelp and related algae products, which have received some attention recently in relation to their potential to facilitate weight loss, but the company makes no claims about these products, and it is difficult to determine what their intended result is.

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