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Vitalive Rx is a product designed to help slow, and perhaps even reverse, the effects of aging. It contains up to 8 nutrient complexes, and its developers claim that a serve of Vitalive Rx is the equivalent of 35 servings of fruits or vegetables. It is designed to both support the immune system and help to speed up the metabolism, both of which may help to reduce the signs of aging and may result in a degree of weight loss.

List Of Ingredients

A list of Vitalive Rx ingredients is not readily available from the Vitalive website. However, the website does note that the product contains a Bioflavanoid Complex, Super Antioxidant Complex, and a Phytonutrient Complex. The product also contains an Essential Vitamin Complex, an Essential Mineral Complex, a Cholinergic Complex, a Digestive Support Complex, and an Energy Complex. These products are designed to provide 1000 nutrients and micronutrients to the user.


Product Features

VitaLive Rx is designed to provide a wide variety of necessary nutrients and antioxidants to both stave off the effects of aging and to potentially facilitate weight loss through increased levels of energy and activity. Users are instructed to take eight tablets per day with food; the product’s developers note that while eight tablets seems to be a large number, VitaLive Rx can take the place of all other supplements in the medical cabinet. A thirty day supply is available for $60, while a 180 day supply is available for $180.

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  • VitaLive Rx was developed by a medical doctor
  • The product is designed to help increase energy and activity, rather than dampening appetite
  • The product is designed to replace the need for other supplements and vitamins
  • A number of positive testimonials is available


  • Little information is available about the product’s ingredients
  • There is little information about the efficacy of the products, or whether research has been undertaken into its effects in terms of anti-aging or weight loss


VitaLive Rx is designed to help promote anti-aging, and the product developers note that weight loss may be another benefit of the product due to the fact that it is likely to encourage greater levels of activity and vitality. However, users should note that this product is not designed as a weight loss tool specifically. Users may wish to undertake further research or consult their doctor before beginning to supplement with a product that contains such a large number of vitamins and minerals to ensure that the product will be of some benefit to them. However, users should also note that if they do intend to try the product, the company has a 365 day returns policy for those who are unhappy with the product for whatever reason; a number of discounts, including free shipping, are also available on the company website.

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    Doug Lesak

    Does Vitalive contain any dairy? I am lactose intolerant. Thank you.