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Vitamin C supplement intake is crucial for immune system function. Most often, people recognize vitamin C as being part of a daily multi-vitamin or standalone supplement, but many weight loss products include vitamin C as well. Dieters should beware that a vitamin C supplement causes the body to become more acidic. Intake should be increased gradually as a quick jump in vitamin C in the body can cause severe gastrointestinal problems such as cramping and diarrhea.

In terms of weight loss, there are not studies associating the vitamin C supplement with weight loss. The benefits are more geared toward a healthy body, which is very important to a successful weight loss plan.

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Vitamin C supplement.

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Vitamin C is an antioxidant. Antioxidants have no physical connection with weight loss, but their impact on the body could change the way the body reacts to a weight loss program including healthy eating, exercise and weight loss supplementation. When the body comes in contact with stressors and environmental irritants, oxidative stress occurs. Free radicals take over healthy cells and start a reproduction factory. Aging, cell death and impaired health can result. It is safe to say that ever person in the world has free radicals in the body at some point in time.

With daily intake of an antioxidant, like a vitamin C supplement, free radicals are stopped and the negative effect reversed. There are foods with high antioxidant levels such as blueberries, but many dieters find it easier to take a vitamin C supplement in place of eating tons of fruits.

Connecting a vitamin C supplement to weight loss is not hard. Free radicals are not the only cause of cell death or impairment in the body. Stress, including stress on the body from exercise, can also cause damage that requires repair. Higher antioxidant levels, such as those achieved with a vitamin C supplement, can help the body repair and rejuvenate during sleep. If the body repairs more quickly, muscle builds more quickly and resting calorie burn increases as well.

Another impact of vitamin C supplement on the body is a boost to the immune system. An unhealthy, sick dieter is a dieter that will not lose a substantial amount fo healthy weight. If vitamin C can boost the immune system enough to fight off common cold symptoms, dieters may find they lose more weight because they are healthier more of the time.

Vitamin C supplements are sold online and in stores. Typically, nutritional experts suggest taking a supplement with rose hips because it helps increase absorption. Drinking water with vitamin C is also highly important.

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  • Vitamin C is present in many fruits and some vegetables.
  • Supplements are cheap and effective.


  • There are no direct weight loss benefits of a vitamin C supplement.
  • Too much vitamin C can cause stomach discomfort, cramping and diarrhea.


There is nothing wrong with adding healthy supplements to the diet. While vitamin C supplement will not increase overall weight loss directly, the impact on overall health and cell health could benefit the dieter dramatically. When choosing a vitamin C supplement, rose hips may increase absorption so the body gains benefits from more vitamin C.

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