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Exposure to UV rays is the primary source of vitamin D for humans. Due to the fact that sunscreen use is advised during peak summer months, the amount of direct contact between the skin and UV rays is often limited. In order to achieve healthy levels of vitamin D, a vitamin D supplement may be taken. The fat-soluble vitamin works to help regulate calcium absorption in the body. Vitamin D supplements have been linked to increased weight loss in at least one study.

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Vitamin D supplement.

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Researchers are constantly studying vitamins and supplements for potential effects on weight loss and overall health. In June 2009, experts revealed vitamin D may have a direct link to successful weight loss attempts. According to the study, the level of vitamin D in the body before a weight loss plan was started affected how much weight was lost. Dieters with the highest totals lost the most weight and vice versa. This led researchers to believe vitamin D supplement use while dieting may be an important factor in achieving weight loss goals.

It is important to note that none of the participants in the study measuring sufficient vitamin D levels. Doctors have been suggesting people take in more of the vitamin through foods sources, direct contact with UV rays or as a vitamin D supplement for quite some time. Obesity has also been linked to vitamin D, but researchers and doctors are not sure whether obesity causes vitamin D deficiency or vitamin D deficiency causes obesity. The best natural sources of vitamin D include fatty fish, whole eggs, beef and fish liver and mushrooms. Fortified cereals and breads also contain vitamin D in most cases.

Calcium has also been linked to increased fat loss during dieting. Dieters can take advantage of both these vitamins by purchasing a calcium supplement with added vitamin D. Calcium or vitamin D supplements can be purchased online and in vitamin and retail stores. The price range falls between $4.00 and $11.00.

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  • Vitamin D may help increase weight loss.
  • Clinical trials have been completed on vitamin D supplements.
  • Increasing vitamin D is easy during the summer.


  • Darker skinned people may have to stay in the sun longer to increase vitamin D.
  • Foods containing vitamin D are normally high fat.


Most people do not have a sufficient amount of vitamin D in the body. Even the people used in the obesity study were deficient when compared to the recommended dietary allowance. Sunscreen blocks vitamin D production at the skin level so dieters may need to use a vitamin D supplement to see the effects on weight loss. Vitamin D can easily be paired with an herbal fat burner.

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    what about a daily input of 1000 UI of D vitamin for terating/preventing cancer in the digestive area? Have any studies?


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    i have been told to take recoast for vit d where can i look this up at