Vitamin Shoppe Fiber Blend Review

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When it comes to weight loss, most dieters complain of hunger after the first few days on a diet plan. Fiber can help the dieter control that hunger by filling the stomach and slowing the digestive process. There are a plethora of food and herbal sources of fiber. Vitamin Shoppe Fiber Blend combines several popular sources of fiber into one supplement so the dieter gains the benefit of both fat and water soluble fiber for weight loss and appetite control. Fiber will not increase metabolism and the appetite suppressing qualities are limited. Fiber works by filling the stomach, so dieters used to overeating may not feel the effects of the fiber enough to stop overeating. If the dieter eats unhealthy, high-calorie foods in small amounts, the total calorie intake could still cause weight gain.

List of Ingredients

Oat Bran, Apple Pectin, Prune, Lactobaccillus Acidophilus, Rice Bran, Citrus Fiber, Psyllium, Cabbage, Carrot, Broccoli and Soy Fiber.

Product Features

The ingredient list for Vitamin Shoppe Fiber Blend is impressive, but the company left out one major factor – fiber content. The dieter has no idea how much fiber is included in the supplement so how are they supposed to control fiber intake? Dieters should try to consume about 35 mg of fiber daily. This supplement could supply all of that fiber in one dose or two doses, but we have no idea because the fiber count is not listed.

Many fiber supplements will include an anti-gas or anti-bloating herb to fight the negative side effects of taking high doses of fiber. Fiber is hard for the digestive system to break down. This is why digestion slows after taking a fiber supplement. When digestion slows down and the body works hard to break down the fiber, gas can result. This gas gets caught in the intestines and causes painful bloating. Without a natural anti-gas herb, the dieter could feel quite a bit of pain if they take too much of the Vitamin Shoppe Fiber Blend at one time.

Vitamin Shoppe Fiber Blend sells for $14.99 per 300 capsules. The label states three capsules is one dose, but we have no idea if more than one dose is recommended per day. Fiber supplements should not be taken within two hours of prescription medication.

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  • Fiber supports a healthy colon.
  • Bowel movements may be more regular after taking this supplement.
  • May slow down digestion and relieve hunger.


  • No fiber count is listed on the label.
  • No thermogenic ingredients for weight loss.


There are a hundred ways to increase fiber intake and supplements are only one. This product should list the total fiber count. Without that amount, the dieter has no idea if they are taking the right amount of fiber for optimal health.

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