Vitamin Shoppe Miracle Fiber Review

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Vitamin Shoppe Miracle Fiber is a powdered supplement supplying five grams of soluble fiber per serving. The “miracle” name must refer to a company secret, but the only ingredient in the supplement is fiber. The company does not bother to list what kind of fiber is used in the supplement, but we are told it is clear and tasteless. Chances are the fiber is glucomannan; a clear fiber that is water-soluble. Glucomannan is commonly used in weight loss supplements as an appetite suppressant. There is no clinical evidence that fiber of any kind suppresses appetite, but there is evidence it fills the stomach leaving little room for food.

List of Ingredients

Unknown fiber.

Product Features

When it comes to appetite suppression, fiber is the second most popular weight loss ingredient. The most popular is Chromium. Chromium works by controlling blood glucose levels, but fiber works in a totally different manner. Fiber, specifically water-soluble fiber, absorbs water and blows up in the stomach. It then slows down digestion so the stomach stays full longer. Fiber or fiber-rich weight loss supplements are taken before meals. The fiber is given 30 minutes to absorb water and then the dieter feels less hungry. The urge to eat is replaced with a feeling of fullness, but hunger is not suppressed. Its like being hungry and drinking a huge glass of water. The body still wants food; the room for food is just taken up with fluid.

Fiber is generally considered safe and healthy. But, when fiber is taken at the same time as prescription medications, it can slow down or inhibit the effectiveness of the medication. Fiber also works as a bulk-forming laxative. Laxatives should be used occasionally to treat constipation. Some people choose to take small amounts of fiber every day to maintain a healthy colon and digestive system. This is perfectly healthy, but fiber should not be taken within two hours of prescription medication.

Vitamin Shoppe Miracle Fiber sells for $7.99 per 7-ounce container. This price is average compared to other fiber supplements.

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  • Fiber helps the dieter feel fuller, longer.
  • May help prevent hunger between meals.
  • Supports a healthy colon and digestive system.


  • Fiber may affect the absorption and effectiveness of prescription medications.
  • Not the best appetite suppressant.
  • There is nothing miraculous about the supplement.


Vitamin Shoppe Miracle Fiber is not a miraculous supplement. It contains a tasteless fiber powder that mixes in fluids. This is the same type of fiber offered by many companies for colon and digestive support. The supplement sells for a comparable price to fiber supplements found on the shelf of the average pharmacy or grocery store. Dieters should not expect weight loss as a result of using Miracle Fiber.

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