Vitamin World Extra Strength Water Pill Review

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Water pills have been in the weight loss market for several decades. One of the first was Dexatrim, which sold the idea that water pills could cause weight loss. Vitamin World Extra Strength Water Pill is stronger than most over the counter diuretics. Water pills work by forcing water out of the body. If a dieter is retaining extra water, this could cause immediate weight loss, but the problem causing the water retention is not treated with diuretics. As soon as the dieter stops taking the diuretic, the weight will return. Diuretics cause kidneys to work harder. When prescription diuretics are given, patients often have to undergo regular kidney tests to assure kidney function is not reduced.

List of Ingredients

Potassium, Buchu Extract, Uva Ursi Extract, Juniper Berry and Parsley.

Product Features

Four of the five ingredients in Vitamin World Extra Strength Water Pill are diuretics. The sole purpose of a diuretic is to relieve water retention. The fifth ingredient is potassium. Potassium loss is a negative side effect of increased urination. The body simply rinses out potassium with urine. Reduced potassium levels can cause muscle cramping, stiffness and death. Professional bodybuilders often take diuretics before competition. There is at least once case of death associated with diuretic abuse.

One bottle of Vitamin World Extra Strength Water Pill contains 100 tablets for $17.99. If the buyer orders one bottle they receive one bottle free. Diuretics should not be taken long-term. Overuse can lead to constipation, dehydration, dry skin and death. Caffeine and alcohol have diuretic effects. It is important not to drink caffeinated beverages, including coffee, or alcohol while taking a diuretic. This supplement is available over the counter, but that does not reduce the potential kidney damage with prolonged use.

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  • Ingredients are listed on the official website.
  • There is a buy-one get-one free promotion.
  • Will cause immediate weight loss.
  • Less expensive than a fat burner.


  • Weight loss is associated with water loss.
  • Places undue pressure on kidneys.
  • May lead to constipation and dehydration.
  • Diuretics are linked to at least one death in the athletic community.


Diuretics help some dieters relieve water retention, but the effect is only temporary. The root cause of water retention must be addressed for a long-term solution. Weight loss associated with diuretics is not the same as fat loss. While Vitamin World Extra Strength Water Pill may help the dieter feel better by reducing the number on the scale, the effect will last only a short while. The body must retain water for normal organ function. In order to process extra urine, the kidneys must work overtime. Dieters with impaired kidney function should never use this supplement.

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