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VitaSlim is a product that is designed to help facilitate weight loss by reducing appetite and lowering cravings, increasing the metabolism, and helping to increase energy levels. The product is formulated as a patch rather than a product that is taken orally. Its developers claim that is a way to lose weight without having to make changes to one’s diet or exercise habits.

List Of Ingredients

The full ingredient list of VitaSlim is somewhat difficult to obtain, but it appears that VitaSlim contains ivy and green tea extracts, seaweed extracts, and several spices. The product also contains vitamin B6, which is claimed to help facilitate weight loss.

Product Features

VitaSlim is not designed to be taken orally, but is rather worn as a patch. Users apply the patch as instructed, and are then supposed to feel decreased levels of hunger and cravings, as well as improved energy levels. However, the efficacy of the product is difficult to ascertain, as there is little evidence that the products contained within will result in weight loss when applied to the dermis. While green tea is known to have some metabolism boosting properties, it is unclear whether its absorption in this manner would have any significant effect on one’s metabolism and intended weight loss. The product also claims that users will not need to make any changes to their diet or to their exercise regimen. The patches should be replaced daily, and can be bought in a pack of 28 for around GBP 13.

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  • A monthly supply of the product is relatively inexpensive
  • Information is included on the website about recommendations for use, as well as warnings
  • The product appears to contain natural ingredients


  • No clinical research relating to this product is readily available
  • A full list of ingredients is difficult to obtain
  • The efficacy of the product is questionable given its ingredients and method of use


While green tea and seaweed have both been heralded as saviors in terms of health and well being, there is little evidence that absorption through the skin could have any positive effects, particularly in terms of weight loss. Given the lack of clinical evidence relating to these patches, as well as the effectiveness of its active ingredients, users should be cautious when looking to use a product such as VitaSlim in order to lose weight. The exhortations of the product’s developers that users will not need to make changes to their dietary or exercise habits are of some concern, and may point to this product being somewhat questionable in terms of its efficacy and in terms of longer-term outcomes. While the product is relatively inexpensive, users should note that it may not be readily available outside Great Britain, and should be realistic in their expected outcomes.

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    I returned your vitaslim “vitamins” and I have a confirmation on you receiving them on Monday the 3rd. I expect to see a refund of my money that you took from my account in the amount of 79.41 soon. I have already heard from the other Maxcleanse Co. If I don’t hear from this company. I will be contacting the BBB and Attorney General.