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Many supplement companies come up with ideas for fat burners, weight loss supplements or other forms of supplements, but they don’t have the production and manufacturing facilities to make the idea a reality. Mass production, bottling, labeling, storage and shipping require a lot of knowledge, expensive equipment and huge storage facilities. VitaTech is one company that offers supplement production. The official website for VitaTech takes visitors through the production facility and explains the rigorous standards and checks the company uses in daily business. VitaTech does not need much to go on to produce a new supplement. If a company comes to VitaTech with an idea or one ingredient they want showcased in a supplement, VitaTech can take it from there.

There is no direct connection between companies like VitaTech and dieters, but there is an indirect connection. Supplement producers like VitaTech are responsible for the majority of supplements sold today, but the dieter has no idea the brand name on the label is nothing more than a marketing tool.

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Manufacturer and supplier of vitamins and supplements.

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VitaTech is a support company that produces bottles, labels, stores and ships supplements. When a person or company has an idea for a product they can contact VitaTech and work with a team of chemists to make that idea a reality. Bob Harper, the celebrity trainer from The Biggest Loser, recently released a line of weight loss supplements. Mr. Harper has no chemical knowledge and he does not own and operate a supplement manufacturing facility, so he likely employed a company like VitaTech to produce the supplement line. All he has to do is sign off on the product formula, labeling and bottling and he is now the proud owner of a supplement with his name on it.

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  • VitaTech takes care of everything a supplement company cannot perform.
  • Chemists are employed to assure safety standards are met.


  • Supplement companies rarely formulate supplements.
  • There is no connection between the real manufacturer and the dieter.
  • Few dieters know that supplements are outsourced to companies like VitaTech.


We live in a world where one company can market a product while another company is behind the lines doing all the work and get no credit. While companies like VitaTech are crucial to the supplement industry, it is a bit disconcerting to realize that major supplement lines are created by some mass production plant, not the company taking credit for the supplement. The safety precautions practiced by VitaTech and other nutraceutical companies is regularly reviewed by inside and outside departments to ensure all supplements are safe and products are not tainted.

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