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What You Should Know

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Vitol is a wholesaler of nutritional and body-building related products. The company was established some thirty years ago, and was created by a Russian body builder with a doctorate in naturopathy. As a result, the company has focused on developing high-quality supplements and nutritional products to promote muscle growth and repair, as well as overall well-being. The company offers a range of health, beauty, men’s health, and body-building products.

List Of Ingredients

The ingredients for Vitol products vary depending on the particular product in question, but the website notes that the products are natural. While full nutritional information is note easily available on the company website, the website does note that interested buyers can contact the owners for a full nutritional profile. Users should be aware that some products may contain artificial sweeteners, as is quite common with protein supplements.

Product Features

Vitol boasts a wide range of different supplements. However, users should note that these are largely targeted at the body-building or expert athlete market, and may wish to take this into account when purchasing a product. A wide variety of protein products, including whey and egg protein, is available. Other products include weight gainers, testosterone builders, products to improve the appearance of nails and hair, energy supplements, and diuretic and inflammation-related supplements. The company also produces a slimming supplement. However, ingredients are not readily available, and little information is given in relation to how this product works, except for that it reportedly helps facilitate fat burning. The product is available in bottles of 30 or 45 tablets, which equates to around a month or a month and a half’s supply.

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  • The products are developed by a body-builder with expertise in the field
  • Nutritional information is available upon request


  • Information about how the product works is not readily available
  • A full list of ingredients is not readily available
  • The product’s efficacy is uncertain


Vitol is a supplement and body-building specialist company that has been around for a number of years. Users should be aware that its target market is largely those within the bodybuilding and expert athlete areas, although those looking to lose weight or supplement their diet may benefit from taking some Vitol products in combination with a healthy diet and exercise plan. However, while protein supplements and vitamin supplements can often result in an improved and balanced level of nutrients and minerals in the system, they do not necessarily encourage weight loss without being accompanied by a specific weight loss plan. In addition, while Vitol does offer a weight-loss product, very little information is available about how this product works, or in terms of its active ingredients and expected outcomes. Interested users may wish to contact the developer to obtain a full ingredient list, but may wish to approach the product with some skepticism.

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